Today our world is full of distractions and external stimulation. We overshare anything and everything with total strangers or plug into our devices to purposely avoid spending time alone… in silence.

All this noise and stimulation makes it difficult for us to sit still and quiet the mindless chatter in our brains. We’re constantly wasting time and losing sleep because our minds won’t still. When we do sit down to meditate in an attempt to quiet the yap and worrying, many of us become easily frustrated and give up.

Although it might seem intimidating, immersing ourselves for a few hours or even a few days in silent meditation may be the perfect antidote to detach from the world (and yes, that includes social media). By muting our external environment, the internal noise begins to subside. We become curious observers of our own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It is here that we begin to heal — recognizing that the qualities we desire (such as courage, creativity, mindfulness, intuition, and fulfillment) are already within us.

Here are a few of silence’s most promising benefits…

Silence instills courage to face our deepest fears and self-limiting beliefs —

When we quiet down we confront ourselves and can no longer hide behind our screens and word vomit; instead, we are compelled to transcend because we know our potential is so much greater than what our ego leads us to believe. We can no longer ignore the call to live out our life’s purpose.

Silence inspires creativity —

When we practice silent meditation, we send a powerful message to the Universe that we’re ready to co-create. We notice how our thoughts shape our physical reality. Although the Universe doesn’t recognize language, it hears and responds to the emotions that we feel. Every thought we have generates a specific emotional vibration that affects our psychological well-being, and, in turn, the actions we take in our lives. Because our external world is a mirror to our internal world, we become deliberate with our thoughts, words, and actions, manifesting the lives we’ve always dreamt of living. When we enter our internal place, we surrender our dreams to the Universe, allowing it to work its creative magic.

Silence nudges us back into the present —

After spending a few hours in quietude, one of the most noticeable differences is how present we become. The mindless chatter begins to abate or even shut off. We begin to experience the world like we’ve never experienced it before. Our senses are heightened, colors are more vibrant, smells more fragrant, and food has never tasted better. We’re no longer chained by the past or the future. We’re free and completely in flow with the world around us.

Silence reconnects us with our intuition —

As we deepen our relationship with silence, little whispers of intuition start to appear. The answers to our burning questions already lie within us… all we have to do is quiet ourselves and practice the beautiful art of listening to the little whispers.

Silence reveals true fulfillment can only be found within —

Fulfillment is essential for a happy life. We often believe we’ll realize fulfillment in its totality once we’ve achieved major success in our health, relationships, or careers. We think, Once I get XYZ, then I’ll be happy.’ However, this mindset is an illusion because we systematically create new goals without taking the time to celebrate our triumphs. Fulfillment isn’t about achieving; it’s about gratitude and celebration in the silent moments of our lives.

As spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle says, “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen.”

As a manifestation and business coach, yoga teacher, soundbath practitioner, writer and creative consultant, Madeline Plucinska empowers us to reclaim sovereignty in every facet of our lives – career, money, love, family and vitality. By re-patterning the subconscious mind and embodying sacred prosperity teachings, she believes that we can manifest the constellation of our desires with unbreakable confidence. Her forever obsessions are salty skin after a dip in the ocean, the velvety texture of Italian gelato on her lips and leaving fragments of her heart around the world. Connect with her @madeline.plucinska.

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