Are you wondering if either Green Clover or Purple Haze would be best compatible with what ails you? Puzzle no more, as a test now exists that will match your DNA to the most potentially therapeutic cannabis strains for you specifically. Available as a direct-to-consumer product, Green Genomix is reshaping the way we’re able to access personalized medicine.

In the past two years, many states have made great strides in legalizing access to cannabis, its many strains, and its various delivery forms. However, disagreement over whether or not cannabis should move up the health and wellness ladder still exists from both conventional and integrative medical worlds.

Green Genomix knows there are many questions surrounding cannabis, hemp, and CBD, so they’ve created a first of its kind, all-cannabis related genetic test that can observe a client’s genetic relationship to their endocannabinoid system, while correlating other related factors.

Chemist by trade and entrepreneur by practice, Green Genomix Founder and CEO Jackson Rowland says his company intends to reach those that need cannabis for specific reasons such as anxiety, insomnia, pain management, and much more. These people might not want to use pharmaceuticals and, depending on where they live, may want to start using cannabis to be proactive about their health and wellness.

Rowland knows people are curious about cannabis but confused, as there’s been so much information put out in such a short period of time. Green Genomix makes it easy for its customers to find the right information and products that will work for them.

As each individual’s biological and genetic makeup is different, everyone has a different experience with cannabis products (some slight and some great). Using genetics to match people to specific cannabis products is the most objective, consistent, and accurate method.

The benefits of a Green Genomix test include:

1 | An analysis of 15+ genetic variants related to six different qualities: mental calmness, pain perception, mood and behavior, cognition, endocannabinoid system sensitivity, and metabolism.

2 | What each quality is, why they are important, how they relate to cannabinoids, and the role genetics play in the process.

3 | The ideal THC and CBD amounts to achieve the best experience with regards to each quality.

4 | Product suggestions based upon the reason the individual wants to use cannabis.

The Green Genomix mission is simple. “We aim to maximize the health benefits of cannabinoids through targeted genetic research,” Rowland explains. “We’re especially compassionate for people that can’t afford health insurance, people that find ailment relief from various cannabis products, and people that don’t want to use pharmaceuticals — cannabis is one of the best (and sometimes only) options for these people.”

In order to deliver the most valuable information to their clients, Green Genomix is constantly evaluating up-to-date research on cannabis, genetics, and biochemistry.

“We recognize that scientific transparency is important — if we’re misleading customers by not being scientifically transparent, then we’re not accomplishing our mission,” says Rowland.

Have you already begun mapping your genetics? Would you use a kit that dialed in your cannabinoid system to best reflect the cannabis therapies you choose? The choice is up to you when it comes to taking control of your health.

Christine Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID is an integrative, epigenetic health and food therapy specialist, as well as a wellness, lifestyle, and food journalist. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Christine lives, works, and plays with her family in Southern California.

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