Shannon Davenport’s Plant-Based Lust-Haves

03.11.2019 Arts & Culture
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After a decade working as a trend forecaster where she researched consumer, design, and beauty trends for some of the world’s biggest brands, Shannon Davenport fell into the world of plant-based beauty. The entrepreneur knew she had found her calling.

Yearning for something more than what corporate life was offering, she enrolled at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy and began her product development journey to create what she personally wished she could find more of in the market — premium, clean, and elevated bodycare. This led to the creation of her plant-based beauty line, Esker, born in 2018 in Los Angeles.

We caught up with the business owner to ask her to share the seven things she’s vibing on most at the moment. This is what she said…

1 | Nebulizing diffusers —

I often recommend people to use a nebulizer diffuser at home. Nebulizers are great because they break down oils into tiny particles that evaporate into the air instantly. The result is a super pure, powerful way to experience the aromas of oils without messy water compartments or the heating/cooling processes — just pour the oil directly into the glass chamber and turn it on!

2 | Raw honey —

I’m a big appreciator of pollinators, and that includes honey! A few years ago I tried raw honey and fell in love with its taste and texture. It’s creamy and feels a bit crystallized, but it comes across smooth and delicious. Plus, raw honey has more antioxidants and enzymes than processed honey, because the original pollen is left in, instead of filtered out.

3 | Hanging plants —

I have a bit of a houseplant addiction, but my new favorite spin on plants are hanging planters. I have one in my bathroom that adds a cozy vibe to the room. If you plant a long vine plant (like a sweetheart philodendron) in them they’ll grow in a drapey dramatic way that is just so lush.

4 | Glass straws —

Smoothies are one of my favorite midday forms of fuel, but I noticed I was accumulating a lot of plastic trash, especially straws which aren’t recyclable. I bought a little set of glass straws and keep them in the car, so now when I want to grab a smoothie or a drink I can pop my own straw in and skip the disposable one.

5 | Salt Fat Acid Heat

I’m totally obsessed with both the book and the Netflix show. The creator, Samin Nosrat, started off cooking at Chez Panisse in Berkeley where I grew up. In the show she visits Japan, Mexico, and Italy to dive deeper into the fundamental components of good cooking. It’s so much fun to watch and super instructional; I’ve been really upping my salt game lately!

6 | Loria Stern

Loria’s a chef in LA that makes gorgeous cookies and cakes with pressed flowers and plants. She uses pansies, daisies, and other types of beautiful plant life that all keep their color even after baked. She’s so imaginative and I love seeing what new creations she cooks up on Instagram!

7 | My thinking chair —

We recently got a hammock canvas chair that we hung in our backyard. I often work from home so it’s really important to have an area in the house where I can go to feel centered and calm when I need to step away from my desk and get some air. Something about the swinging motion of a hanging chair is so soothing and helps me reset — I highly recommend it!

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