Jiva Apoha is Energy Healing Essential Oils

03.22.2019 Life
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Jiva Apoha is the rock ‘n’ roll of the essential oils world — its name literally translates to soul healing. And, after road testing their products firsthand here at Fullest HQ, we can testify that these signature oils are truly a mind-body-spirit experience.

Jiva Apoha is the first to combine the powerful healing practices of Ayurveda and Shamanism. Both of which have been around, relied upon, and healing people for thousands of years. The brand’s goal is to remove obstacles, instill clarity, guide you to direct your own energy, and encourage healthful prevention on every level. So that, ultimately, you can discover what it means to truly live every single moment.

The founders behind Jiva Apoha believe our journeys start with the warmth of the skin. Each of their stimulating base oils is Ayurvedic therapeutic grade, and made from organic seed and nut oils. Everything is sustainably cultivated and harvested by a variety of local organic farms in the US. All-natural and derived of the purest quality, Jiva Apoha products are completely unadulterated. (In short, it’s like Panchakarma and Ayahuasca in a bottle.)

Start your own healing Jiva Apoha journey here.  

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