You’ve heard about intermittent fasting — intentionally not eating for 14 to 16 hours, only to scarf down a day’s worth of meals in your allotted and approved time frame. At some point or another we’ve all taken part in this spontaneous meal skipping because, let’s face it, who wants to cook every single day? You may have even participated in what some call the “warrior diet” (where you only eat when the sun is down and fast during daylight), time-restricted eating, prolonged fasting, or the water-only trend (which can actually be quite dangerous to do for longer than a day due to malnutrition and muscle catabolism).

Fasting, or purposefully abstaining from all types of food, seems to be the latest fad in the ever-changing health and wellness conversation… but can it actually be as good for you as some claim?

Humans have been practicing fasting for centuries. In fact, almost every religious group encourages it as a way to focus on the spiritual aspects of life rather than worldly things.

Intentionally and carefully not eating for scheduled amounts of time can help one’s body get back into a healthy rhythm and improve concentration, and has also been proven to strengthen the immune system, protect against certain cancers, normalize hormonal balance and, of course, aid in weight loss.

ProLon’s Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) is changing the game with a five-day USC-approved meal program that gives your body exact quantities of the nutrients you need without actually recognizing them as food. (Basically, your body still thinks your fasting when you’re not.) And the best part is you’re completely free to enjoy ProLon’s various teas, olives, fruit bars, and soup blends, all whilst reaping fasting’s many benefits, sans any stomach rumbling and late night cravings.

ProLon knows fasting can be tricky and they want you to do it right, so they’ve made it just about as easy as possible without the risk of hurting yourself. Turns out, fasting with food is a perfect (and delicious) solution.

ProLon FMD allows you to still practice healthy eating with foods that nourish your body while simultaneously losing fat, improving focus, increasing energy, promoting cell-based regeneration, and maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose and cholesterol. All the same benefits that someone would experience after completing a strict no-food (no fun) fast — only with ProLon, you’re not doing it hungry.

All meals are pre-packaged and ready to heat up and go, allowing for any type of busy schedule. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving because once you complete their five-day meal plan, your body will continue to bask in the rejuvenation and fat burning for an additional five days!

If fasting completely intimidates you or you’re worried about missing out on the benefits fasting can offer, look toward ProLon’s innovative and first-of-its-kind solution in its Fasting Mimicking Diet.

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