Cancer, Casually: Valerie Grandury

03.28.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

It wasn’t just her Parisian roots that saw Valerie Grandury start up her own clean beauty line. It was breast cancer.

On all the days to discover you have stage three breast cancer, Valerie discovered her lump on her birthday. Her team of doctors were quick to subscribe chemo, radiation, and a five-year intensive course of drugs. After chemo took its toll on her body however, Valerie decided to take matters into her own healing hands, and signed up for a thorough detoxification program and raw food retreat in San Diego. It was this experience that not only changed her diet, but ultimately changed her world.

After three weeks, Valerie had gone from clinging on to life to returning to life. Her healing journey saw her move to Topanga Canyon and extend her clean approach to her skincare, hygiene, and household products. After being floored by the amount of nasties lurking in our beauty cabinets, Valerie started her own line, Odacité, now one of the world’s premier natural skincare lines.

Today, Valerie’s been in remission for over 13 years, and has learned through cancer that you’ve got to be bold, take risks, and have the audacity to fight for a life you want; one that’s enriching, happy, and healthy… and with a touch of Paris, of course.

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