Cancer, Casually: Gail Landau

03.14.2019 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

How do you make cancer feel less heavy? The same way you make everything feel less heavy… with kittens. If anyone has ever had a crappy Monday only to be completely transformed by the healing power of a YouTube cat compilation video, you get it.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Cancer, Casually Season 2’s first guest, Gail Landau opened Orange Country’s first cat cafe, Catmosphere Laguna, after her breast cancer journey. Gail is a smart lady and not just because she opened a cat cafe. Gail spent an entire career as a lawyer and moderator, and is basically a low-key oracle when it comes to researching cancer.

This week, Gail shares some of that wisdom including the importance of listening to your body, self-checks, and not settling for average oncologists. But her biggest takeaway is the importance of keeping a positive attitude and mindset not only during cancer but through all of life’s ups and downs (hot tip: cats help). Tune in for an ep that’ll make you feel as warm and fuzzy as this kitten cuddling a duckling.

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