The variables that influence our health the most are fairly obvious: the quality of our water, food, and living conditions. But what about those variables we can’t see?

Think about the effects of air or sound pollution or the influence of a constantly argumentative relationship. What about living in an area void of light? Or the very pervasive influence of EMF and radiation overexposure all around us constantly? These are all variables invisible to the naked eye, yet epigenetically influential on the physical plane.

EMF radiation is produced through electric fields that occur through voltage and magnetic ones which develop through the flow of an electrical current. This means that the higher the combined fields are, the greater the electromagnetic radiation output. 

Consider our constant use of GPS on our cell phones and the oxidative damage it can cause.

When we travel using GPS our phones work harder and therefore emit more electromagnetic radiation because they operate using electromagnetic energy. This exposure can significantly damage our optimized cellular functions over time.

Research such as thermographic imaging studies have linked EMF overexposure to perpetuating some of our most serious modern health concerns (from brain cancer and autoimmune illness to infertility, learning disorders, and anxiety). New research has emerged confirming these findings, yet with no decrease of radiation-producing technologies in sight.

In my most recent research to protect my family and clients from EMF overexposure I stumbled upon a product called e-Armour, a first-of-its-kind device claiming to interact with the body’s blood cells. After founder Ross Pope’s first grandchild was born and realizing she’d grow up in a tech-flooded era, the determined entrepreneur began combing through radiation-mitigating research. He knew those most affected by low level radiation were children and adults up to the age of 26 because of the continued cellular development in the body.

Pope found that there were plenty of companies offering EMF blocking and anti-radiation devices, but after a closer look discovered that many of these devices caused cell phones, routers, and laptops to work even harder, therefore posing more potential harm than help. After much scrutiny he dialed in on a technology that was supported through double-blinded studies and his e-Armour chip was born.

Pope says unlike other devices that may increase radiation exposure, the e-Armour chip works by communicating with the body’s blood to confer a stabilizing effect. “Everywhere we go these days we are inundated with Wi-Fi signals and the body is reacting by trying to defend itself, putting blood cells into stress defense mode. When the body is busy fighting radiation its defenses are down, not dealing with other potential viral or bacterial invaders. e-Armour communicates telling the blood cells to relax to stay in a healthy state.”

The convenience of e-Armour is in its size — the tiny chip fits on the back of your phone, but inside most phone cases, on your computer, routers, and ipads. By working with the body to mitigate EMF radiation instead of working against it, it makes sense to point research funds towards the long term protection companies like e-Armour may offer.

So what else can you do to protect your health from EMF exposure?

Stop wearing your phone and keep your distance —

Place your phone at least six feet away from you whenever you can. When you do carry your phone, avoid placing it in your pocket. Other hot spots to avoid are your chest, abdomen, and groin. The same goes for ipads and laptops — when not in use, keep them away. When in use, avoid placing in front of your abdomen or chest, especially if pregnant.

Relocate routers and unplug —

If your router is in your living room around your television, consider moving the router to a new location to reduce direct exposure. When not in use, unplug Wi-Fi and other appliances.

Add to your diet —

These superfoods have been known to combat EMF’s negative influence: cinnamon, broccoli, pomegranate seeds, asparagus, Omega-3 fats, and vitamin D3.

Petition your city —

With the advent of 5G technology, mobile phone and tech giants are receiving push-back in many US cities. Mill Valley California may be in Silicon Valley’s epicenter, but they’ve unanimously outvoted their placement in residential areas after a successful community-wide health-risk campaign. If they can do it, so can we!

What are you doing in your home and community to stay healthy amidst our ever-evolving technological society?

Christine Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID is an integrative health and food therapy specialist, as well as a wellness, lifestyle, and food writer. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Christine lives, works, and plays in Southern California with her daughter and husband.

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