It’s no secret that plant-based mylks are having a real moment in the cultural zeitgeist. First it was soy, then coconut, and now it’s downright offensive when a coffee shop doesn’t offer an almond mylk option. Stores can barely keep uber trendy oat mylk stocked on shelves for the throngs of millennials demanding delicious alternatives to dairy and, quite frankly, soy (blech!).

Enter, Goodmylk Co. — perhaps the new holy grail of plant-based mylksIts hemp, almond, and oat mylks leverage flash-frozen technology, enabling vegan and dairy-sensitive customers access to ultra-fresh, filler-free, plant-based versions.

Goodmylk Co.’s creation was driven by its founder, Brooke Rewa’s personal experience. While living in LA (the kale capital of the health food world) Rewa began experiencing a rough patch with her health. A desire to feel better drove her to seek an alternative, plant-based diet as a form of healing medicine. However, her effort to “eat healthier” ended up making her even sicker. She knew there had to be a better way, so she did what any person on a mission does: homework.

Through extensive research, Rewa found that many of the binders, thickeners, emulsifiers, and preservatives in otherwise “healthy” food were unnecessary and ironically detrimental. So she began to experiment with real food recipes that led to her own health transformation — and a passion to share this experience with others.

Rewa initially founded Made With Love Wellness, a plant-based cafe in LA, where she started selling her own proprietary formulas of plant-based mylks and juices. While the response was overwhelmingly positive, the audience was somewhat limited. The entrepreneur wanted to make a bigger impact, not only in her customer base, but at a global level. That’s how she began building what would eventually become Goodmylk Co., a plant-based mylk product for the masses.

Of course, it was not so simple. When she initially presented her idea to industry insiders and investors, it was met with skepticism on all fronts. Everyone told her there is “good reason” companies with scale do things a certain way (read: compromise the integrity of the product). For Rewa, this was not an option. After many months of trial and error, she finally developed a proprietary flash-blast freezing technique that allowed them to scale without compromising the nutritional integrity or flavor of the plant mylks.

We like to think of Goodmylk as the future of plant mylk,” Rewa explains. “Chances are, you’ve at least heard of hemp mylk and its many health benefits like being naturally high in protein, having more calcium than dairy milk, and being high in both omega 3 and anti-inflammatory omega 6, just to name a few. But, if you’ve ever tried processed, boxed hemp mylk, you probably didn’t try it a second time. We have figured out a way to get the health benefits of hemp, with an amazing homemade flavor that’s made to scale.”

Goodmylk’s pure, organic plant mylks are free of binders, fillers, processing, and preservatives. The goal is four simple ingredients or less, without compromising the ingredients or adding anything besides real food. Even cooler (literally), the flash freeze process means there is no need for preservatives to extend the shelf life.

“We’re going after the alt mylk lovers that are ready for an upgrade, latte drinkers looking for a base that tastes delicious, and intentional moms wanting to nourish themselves and their families with real food,” Rewa shares. “We’re also a great fit for anyone seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. So far, we’ve saved over 70,000 Tetra packs from going into landfills since launching!”

And then there’s the best part: the taste. While almond and oat are naturally delicious, hemp is universally known to taste kind of grody, which is not the case with Goodmylk. In addition to boasting all of the sustainable, healthy benefits of other hemp mylks, Goodmylk’s hemp has a smooth, nutty flavor, with a denser microfoam perfect for steamed, frothy mylk in lattes and cappuccinos. It’s a delicious addition to smoothies, granola, and especially perfect for dipping your favorite cookie (because mylk and cookies” is still milk and cookies”).

Goodmylk just launched direct-to-consumer this past week, so keep stockin’ up at your favorite cafes, or go ahead and start shipping straight to your home!

Heather Sundell is a Los Angeles-based writer, blogger, storyteller, and content and branding professional. Her writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Refinery29, Forbes, XOJane, Los Angeles Magazine, and more. You can find her online as her digital alter ego @MissHezah, blogging at, or when it doubt, check the mall.

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