NYC’s Clean Market for a Clean Slate in 2019

01.03.2019 Arts & Culture
Gemma Totten
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You’re in the concrete jungle — the famous New York City that has it all (including countless sensory overloads at every block). Sometimes you feel like you’ve lost your chill amidst all the skyscrapers and corner delis and find yourself wondering where you can escape to simply catch a breath?

Let Clean Market be your saving grace — and your one-stop-shop for all your modern wellness and everyday needs. Located on East 54th Street in Manhattan’s Midtown, founder Lily Kunin utilized her background in education, holistic nutrition, and functional medicine to create a wellness haven that sells products and offers services that truly cater to their customers.

From the wellness newcomer to the longtime health expert, Clean Market has something for everyone. From a health market, to an infrared sauna, cryotherapy, and a full service cafe and tonic bar, the variety of services offered keeps customers coming back (sometimes multiple times a day).

In good company, Clean Market shares a building with famous neighbors SoulCycle and Skin Laundry, making the whole vibe a great place to relax and reset. “[Being in this location] has led to many connections between our regulars who workout next door and pop in for a smoothie or treatment afterwards,” says Kunin. Indeed, due to its massive popularity there are already plans to open two more Clean Market NYC locations in the next year.

A self-proclaimed wellness product junkie, Kunin calls upon her experience working in functional medicine to carefully curate and bring in trusted supplements. Even on her time off she finds herself constantly researching and discovering amazing new products and brands.

“When we add a new product in the store, it goes through a rigorous testing period with multiple employees and myself,” Kunin explains. “We always make sure that the brand aligns with our vision and values.”

In today’s world where conflicting ideas of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle often confuse more people than they help, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a homebase that emphasizes knowledge and maintains a tight control process of what’s being sold.

“Customers think that if something worked for someone else then it’s bound to work for them… and then become frustrated when it does not,” admits the entrepreneur. “Wellness is not one-size-fits-all. A paleo or vegan diet might be great for your best friend but it might not work for you.”

Clean Market knows that a wellness lifestyle is both a habit and a practice and tuning into your body can be a big transition. Kunin shares that the brand’s underlying hope is to “support these challenges by guiding people to explore their bio-individuality while encouraging healthy habits with delicious food, safe products, and services that make you feel good.”

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