MoxxieMade’s Supper Series Defines Wellness

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Charlotte Farrell
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When women gather, magic happens. We collaborate, laugh, define who we are, and give no apologies when we make a few waves along the way. More importantly, women develop communities and bonds that lift each other out of societal expectations and onto a new level of empowerment. This rings true in regards to the wellness movement, where women are the true forces behind what goes into our bodies, health, and wellbeing.

Knowing this, MoxxieMade and athleisure and women’s health powerhouse, Athleta, are hosting their next Supper Series this Tuesday, January 29th, aptly titled “Defining Wellness.” They’re bringing some of the biggest names in the industry together to kick off all your new year’s resolutions (because, let’s be real, February is the new January). This is the time of year that we reflect on so many aspects of our lives, so why not do it surrounded by our fellow femmes?  

The goal of the series according to MoxxieMade’s founders, Megan Shekleton and Lindsey Salas, is to create an encouraging community of women that support one another to go after their goals and aspirations — while simultaneously providing them with accessibility to mentorship. Athleta, a company who is 95% female (and who offers a five-month maternity leave policy!) shares a similar mission, aiming to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach their limitless potential.

It’s the two brand’s collaborative mission to ensure their attendees connect with their peers, focus on issues and subjects that matter, and be given advice from fellow women who’ve walked the walk.

So, why wellness? “Wellness is such a hot topic of discussion, yet it means something different for each person,” says Salas. “We want our community to be able to shape and define their own definition of wellness because, like our bodies and personalities, each are unique and there isn’t a one-size fits all.”

Shekleton adds, “We lean into the holistic and more soul-growing topics that capture the essence of how multi-faceted women are and the experiences we all share. We try to be as real, raw, and rooted as possible to help create an atmosphere of inclusiveness, understanding that we all have wisdom to share from our experiences.”

The most important aspect of the event (and MoxxieMade’s gatherings in general) is the emphasis on community and mentorship. The women that attend will forge lasting connections that are authentic and genuine. They will take a moment to step away from social media, emails, texts, and other outside stressors to feed off of each other’s positive energy, knowledge, and creativity.

With that in mind, wellness is the perfect theme, simply because of its versatility and potential for interpretation and discovery. Wellness is no longer restricted to old notions of being defined as solely a physical issue. It is subjective and individualistic in its nature, and MoxxieMade’s events aim to dive a bit deeper. “We explore how to define it, what a wellness practice means to you, how to find your practice, and the different dimensions of wellness,” says Shekleton.

In addition to an all star panel, all Supper Series events include the opportunity to share a meal, conversation, and wisdom while being inspired. Post panel, you’ll get the chance to sit down with the speakers one on one. Shekleton explains, “We want women to feel their value and give all women a seat at the table.”

Salas, Shekleton, and their partners at Athleta hope that women walk away from their event feeling reflective, inspired, and armed with actionable takeaways to help define their wellness practice — all with a little joy in their step, and a few new friends.

Tickets to Tuesday’s event can be purchased here. Fullest readers can use the discount code: FULLESTMOXXIEMADE for 10% off the “Defining Wellness” Supper Series.

Charlotte Farrell is a freelance writer and editor who loves nothing more than a piping hot matcha latte and topics that explore wellness, fashion, self-care, food, climate change, feminism, beauty, fitness, and travel. She graduated with honors in Communications and English Literature from the University of California, San Diego, and is now based in NYC where she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, and dreaming about gluten-free pastries.

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