Angela Kelly

01.03.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week Nikki sits down with Gutsy Mother founder, Angela Kelly, to talk about her activism with C.Diff. The highly under-reported and potentially life-threatening gut bacteria is wreaking havoc on the health of hundreds of thousands of Americans. And, for some reason, the Health Department isn’t speaking up about it.

Angela contracted the superbug in a hospital, and then watched as it spread to her whole family — including her husband, daughter, and baby. It was the hardest year of her life, but she has recovered and since dedicated her life to C.Diff education.

If you or someone you know are about to go to a hospital, or even take a course of antibiotics, we urge you to listen to this episode. Angela is a fountain of information and generously shares preventative measures to safeguard your gut flora. Plus, she’s an all-around inspiring woman, mother, and campaigner that’ll make you want to turn your own darkest hour into something that improves the lives of all.

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