Increase Your Earning Potential by Syncing with Your Cycle

01.23.2019 Life
Brittany Reid
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Self-care and embarking on a path of personal development are trending in the world of entrepreneurship. Businesses are finding that by offering self-care modalities their employees are feeling more enjoyment in their work, have less stress, increase their income and sales effortlessly, and are more positive.

Lara Briden, a New Zealand Naturopathic doctor and period revolutionary also equates these positives to our moon time (aka: period). She urges her clients to view this time as a monthly check-in point to see how they have been dealing with stress, how they’re taking care of themselves, and how they’re dealing with imbalances. She believes nearly all PMS symptoms can be healed naturally through lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset.

She urges us to think of our cycles as the map to our own unique path to success. If we carefully listen to our bodies messages she figures we can even sync our businesses with our cycles to better align the experience. This could help with focus, creativity, and even cash flow.

Here, Briden maps out a few ways to sync your cycle with your moon time…

Two weeks after your bleed is a great time to strategize, create launches, and finalize contracts. The natural increase of hormones after your cycle will increase energy, focus, and vision. During this time we are overflowing with momentum to plan and execute the next goal.

While ovulating we are natural radiant magnets that attract, so book speaking engagements or meetings during this time.

During the start of your cycle spend the first day at home resting. This time is great for journaling, reflecting, sleeping, spending time in nature, relaxing, and nurturing your soul. This is a potent time to receive the solutions and guidance for the next cycle to come.

So how does all of this relate to money? Money is energy and when we harness its power we can easily move through the seasons of business, call in clients, and get in sync with ourselves. After all, your energy is the foundation behind the business and when you are in sync there is space for money to come in.

Brittany Reid is a soulful online business coach with more than seven years of experience in holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, and ceremony. She elevates women’s lives and businesses one cycle at a time. Find her at, @brittanycreid on Instagram, or on iTunes hosting the How to B Podcast.

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