The Aussie Reusable Cup You’ll Love Forever

12.19.2018 Uncategorized
Gemma Totten
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Reusable water bottles are officially in! And, the best news is that there seems to be a design-style made for everyone — highlighting that sustainability does not have to mean ugly.

However, when it comes to drinking anything other than water, people tend to immediately return to single-use plastics or other disposable options. Getting customers to switch over to reusable bottles for their coffees, smoothies, and iced teas has proven to be much more difficult.

Frank Green, an Australian bottle producer focused on fusing beautiful style, meticulous design, and superior functionality, decided to do something about this problem.

The design process for their Scandi-inspired multi-use bottle took over four years to perfect.

Influenced by initial research which highlighted that reusable cups and bottles weren’t being reused every day due to aesthetic and functionality flaws, Frank Green went into their design process with actual drinks in mind.

Their final product’s wide lid allows for ice cubes, and its spill-proof functionality means it’s safe to put in your bag — no matter what it has in it!

Founder Ben Young views the Frank Green brand not as simply a reusable bottle or cup manufacturer, but as a sustainability brand with a goal to reduce single-use waste globally. He describes a common dialogue revolved around the idea that if it’s recyclable then the well-meaning consumer can use as much of it as they want. Unfortunately, this is not the solution, and something Young says must be viewed as a last resort as recycling is only a band-aid solution.

Through their partnership with Earthwatch Institute, a portion of all online sales from Frank Green’s bottles goes towards finding solutions for the devastating impact pollutants have on the environment.

Frank Green encourages their customers to do their part in pushing plastic conversation to the forefront through their social media use. By taking pictures with their bottles, users are truly capable of influencing friends and family to make sustainable lifestyle choices. In fact, by raising awareness and encouraging behavioral change, the Frank Green community of proud customers are their best advocates.

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