Clarifying and Amplifying Your Vision and Leadership in the Aquarian Age

12.09.2018 Career & Finance
Guru Jagat
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The leaders of the Aquarian Age are the humans who are transparent, impermeable, and projective in a way that displays first and foremost that they walk the talk. Our personal lives have to be a reflection of our professional lives.

In the age that we just came fromthe Age of Piscesthere was much more of a gap, and people could more easily get away with certain behaviors because of the lack of transparency. Those who are the most successful now are the ones who display a level of efficiency, who are getting things done, and who know how to channelize the cosmic forcethrough their own personality.

Having a transactive ability like that is resourcefulness. And knowing how much you can give and how much you can take is also resourcefulness. In any given moment, if you know how to give more and you know how to take more, you are going to be successful.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga said: “It is a cosmic law that you cannot be a failure.” He gave many teachings around success and business, and besides being a great yogic master, he himself was a very successful businessman.

We must utilize teachings like Kundalini Yoga in our businesses because compressing time and decompressing the pressure that is constantly on us (and especially on those who are in leadership positions) is a super useful skill set.

As a leader in the Aquarian Age, understand that the load will not get any lighter. We need tools and to find new ways of dealing with the stresses of having to do more and be better; we have to figure out how to bend the time-space continuum.

Much of our time is wasted in the anxiety, complaints, and resistance of how much we have to do, which reflects, essentially, our own self-importance.

But the more in command you are of your own time and space, the more magnetic you become. And that cannot be bottled or boughtit is your own process, and it takes a strong nervous system to withstand.

So, how do we tune our hypnotic self-hypnosis in a way that is more resonant to what our nervous system can handle?

What our wishes, dreams, and inspirations are is an exercise inand an experience ofself-mastery.

Having a managerial mindset means that everything you are creating is being held in your aura. If there is dysfunction or negativity in your leadership, it’s an indication that something is weak or blocked in your own psycho-magnetic field because everything you have created lives inside your auric structure. It’s the same when something goes right and you receive more resources like money, opportunities, etc. This means your aura is growing and expanding.

You know that you are really creating a manager’s mind when everyone around you is becoming more successful… not just yourself.

If you strengthen your nervous system to hold a higher frequency of the orbit of your psycho-magnetic field, you will get stronger, the pace will get faster, and you will have the capacity to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. However, you’re not just getting it done, it’s getting done through you. And it’s getting done at a pace where your nervous system can handle it, ultimately transforming your personal and professional lives into a micro-macro. If you’re patient, if you have grit, if you have vision, then it doesn’t matter what the obstacles are.

This is the key to leadership in the Aquarian Age, and it is not a one-time, one-shot solution. It’s a constant and daily practice of looking at what is creating the projected relay in the psycho-magnetic field or chakras. Where am I not being taken care of? Where am I not being supported?

If you really want to grow something, you have to create these neuron patterns of the managerial mind. We need spiritual people who are good citizens and who are active and politically knowledgeable in all sectors of society. You will be the biggest failure if you make your transactive frequency match up with anyone else — and that’s why it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. We are each trying to find ways to be transparent and have fulfillment in all the areas that we want… which doesn’t look the same for every human, and certainly not in the conventional way through which we have been taught. It is all about our own discovery and journey, and figuring out what, exactly, that looks like. It’s all just the perceptive power. And you are totally in command of that.

Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, a Kundalini Yoga school with locations in Venice Beach, Mallorca, and New York City, as well as the author of the bestselling book, Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life. She is also the founder and CEO of RA MA TV, RA MA Records, and RA MA Foundation. As the Piscean patriarchal energies fade into history, Guru Jagat has become a leading force in helping to delineate and refine the new feminine matriarchal archetype. Her globally run ‘Immense Grace and Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society’ programs serve women in over 50 countries.

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