At Your Gate is the Uber Eats for Airports

12.30.2018 Arts & Culture
Colette Ussery
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Traveling is stressful for everyone.

After planning and packing, you have to make your way to the airport, deal with parking, wait through a long security line, and, including the inevitable delays, can sometimes be stuck at the terminal for hours at a time. On top of all that, TSA has become so strict with what you are and aren’t allowed to bring through security, travelers are often “hangry” (hungry and angry) before their vacation has ever really begun.

Airports are generally huge places with multiple terminals, and while many do offer a wide variety of different restaurants and shops, most travelers don’t feel like walking a mile to another terminal and having to stomach yet another security line just to go to a particular restaurant. That’s where At Your Gate comes in…

The new startup is revolutionizing the airport experience by delivering mood-boosting meals from airport restaurants directly to your gate, and even to your plane — all at the touch of a button on an easily downloadable app!

It all started when founder, PJ Mastracchio found himself spending much of his time sitting at gates, waiting for delayed flights… hungry. He realized that if travelers wanted to grab something to eat before boarding, they tended to settle on whatever restaurant was closest to them, often disappointed with the inflated prices and mediocre food.

Mastracchio knew though, that there’s always a hidden gem in every airport. One with a long line that all travelers seem to know about ahead of time — one that actually has good food. The entrepreneur wanted to expand travelers’ options to make it so they could order from any restaurant in the airport, at any time. Rushed? Hop on his app and order your dream airport meal and have it delivered straight to your gate! Forget the lines — have it come to you!

Motivated by the idea of an easy airport experience, Mastracchio assembled a team and in April of 2015, launched the app to great success. And it’s not just food that At Your Gates’ speedy runners will get for you — people have ordered magazines, books, headphones, chargers, and cosmetics. It doesn’t matter what it is… if it’s sold at the airport, for a small delivery fee of $3.99, At Your Gate will get it to you, stat.

Additionally, for those who’ve already made it on the plane but know they won’t be able to stomach yet another delay on peanuts and pretzels alone, At Your Gate has got you covered. If a plane will be sitting on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes, the app has teamed up with JetBlue so passengers can order food and actually have it delivered to them inside the plane. Getting delivery from restaurants like Panda Express, Sora Sushi Bar, Saffron Thai, Auntie Anne’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Wendy’s makes the wait much easier.

And, if you just so happen to be flying on a holiday like National Donut Day for example, they’ve even been known to offer free services to increase airport moral. Who doesn’t want a free donut?

From flight attendants and pilots, to TSA workers and baggage handlers, to stressed out and rushed passengers, At Your Gate is a service that has made traveling easier… and any airport tip that’ll keep us from going “hangry” is a travel hack worth downloading. Look for At Your Gate coming to an airport near you.

At Your Gate is currently available on both coasts (at San Diego Lindbergh Field and Newark Liberty International Airports), and has plans to launch at JFK and LaGuardia in the next few months.

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