Why We’re Vibing on Rachel Beider and Her Favorite Things

11.12.2018 Arts & Culture
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Rachel Beider is a massage therapist, business consultant, and advocate for women-owned businesses. She is the founder of three women-focused clinical massage studios that specialize in pain management (Massage Outpost in Dumbo, Massage Greenpoint, and Massage Williamsburg). Earlier this year she launched Moon Cycle Massage, which is specially designed to help clients find relief before and during their monthly period.

Rachel also holds entrepreneurship meetings and offers personalized coaching for women who want to start and grow wellness practices that are ethical, nurturing, and sustainable.

We recently caught up with the businesswoman to ask her to share the seven things she’s vibing on most at the moment. This is what she said…

1 | Music with steel drums —

I’ve been listening to “Love$ick” by Mura Masa featuring A$AP Rocky. It makes me unbelievably happy. Same goes for Jamie xx’s “Far Nearer” — the drums get me every time.

2 | Dynamic meditation —

It involves moving your body, screaming, shouting, jumping up and down, and discharging a ton of energy before settling into a dance — and then a calm — state.

3 | Essential oils (specifically eucalyptus) —

I hang dried bunches of it in the shower, and line it in the entryways of my massage studios. In the fall I also love French Lavender — I make a little spray of it for my pillow and linens, and also add a few drops to the tub.

4 | My consulting clients —

They are extremely driven, hardworking, motivating, and inspiring! I love watching their businesses grow and thrive.

5 | Tulum —

It’s my literal happy place! I’ve been visiting every year for 11 years, and though it’s changed quite a bit I’m still awed by its sheer beauty, culture, people, and food. The interior design of my massage studios is Tulum-inspired, and a lot of our decor is handmade from there.

6 | The chocolate chip cookies at Jacques Torres

The most dangerous thing about opening in Dumbo Brooklyn is that we are neighbors with this heavenly chocolate shop that makes the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had in my life.

7 | My upcoming book —

It’s an illustrated beginner’s guide to massage therapy, called Press Here. I wrote it to help my clients and loved ones learn how to give an amazing massage with confidence and ease.

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