Stop Sabotaging Your Manifestation Process with These Three Easy Steps

11.29.2018 Life
Martina Fink
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While it’s easy to offer advice like “Just manifest it!” or “Order it from the universe and it will come!” I believe there is a little more strategy to manifestation. Here, holistic health and beauty coach Martina Fink shares her top three manifestation tips so you can start manifesting your dream life today!

1 | Attract what you are; everything is energy —

With every second, we’re sending out energy — vibrations that will match things, people, and opportunities that all vibrate on the same energy level. Whether you’ve had a good or bad day, it all comes down to your vibration. When we become aware of the vibrations we’re sending out we can then consciously cultivate more positive vibes.

To raise your vibration do things that bring you joy — a short meditation, journaling, a brisk walk, a healthy meal, a phone call to a loved one, tea and a movie, a warm bath and a book, or a candle and some cuddling on the couch.

You attract what you are. By constantly adjusting your vibration to your dream life vibe, you’ll make the steps to get closer to that life.

2 | Use visualization on a daily basis —

The first step to manifesting your dream life is knowing what your dream life actually looks like. Here’s a pretty dream-worthy example:

Lilly lives in a beautiful wooden farm house near the water with her family and two dogs. She loves making breakfast in the morning and then does yoga before she starts working from home. She’s working on a big presentation that she’s giving next month at a conference around art and creativity. It’s her mission to inspire women to use their creativity to express themselves and tap into their power. She works half days only, and spends the afternoon with her kids gardening and doing creative activities. She has a handful of really close friends that she spends an evening per week with. They watch movies, cook, and have deep and meaningful conversations. Her marriage is very loving, respectful, and empowering, and every week her and her husband go on a date night just the two of them. She feels amazing in her body, loves being outside, and her energy is lit every single day. She travels with her family a few times per year and enjoys nature, hikes, and camping.

Now it’s your turn! Ask yourself what you want your dream life to look like. How do you feel in your dream life? Where do you live? Who is with you? What work do you do? Where do you want to travel?

Once you know exactly what your vision looks like, you can start a visualization practice to manifest the things, people, and opportunities into your reality.

Close your eyes for five minutes and create a clear picture with your inner eye. See how you live that life — actually feel what it’s like to walk through your new house, laugh with friends, and be loved by your companion.

Be sure to tap into the emotions of your visualization, as they are a key element in that your subconscious doesn’t know if it’s real or in your mind. The universe is going to match the positive energy you send out with these emotions and will bring you the things you want.

3 | Shift your mindset from victim to winner —

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s all a matter of perspective. While it’s so much easier to be a victim to our struggles and challenges, it doesn’t bring us anywhere positive, and definitely not closer to our dream lives.

Manifesting means taking action and not merely waiting for the magic to happen out of nowhere. You cannot just visualize everyday and hope that one day you will get your yellow farm house without taking any action.

Cultivating positive thoughts is very important to switching your mindset from that of a victim to a winner. Here are some of my favorite things I tell my inner mean girl when she makes an appearance in the thoughts and fears of my mind: “I deserve this life.” “I am good enough.” “Anything that I can think of is possible for me.” “I create my own reality with every thought.”

It’s time to stop playing the victim playlist on Spotify and turn up the empowering winner beats instead! You have a choice with every thought and move you make. Dream life, here you come!

Martina Fink is the go-to girl for all things Glow. Her mission is to help others by sharing her love of natural beauty products, sustainable living, maintaining a healthy body and mindset, and promoting self-love and confidence. She offers Glow-inspired coaching programs, hosts retreats around the world, and often travels with her clients. Martina is a certified health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and thrives on helping others live a more Glowing life. She is fluent in German, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and travels the world six months out of the year.

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