Darlene Lee

11.20.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

Did you know that most environmental laws are human-centric? So then, who actually is looking after Mother Nature’s best interests? This week on the fullest podcast, Nikki welcomes Darlene Lee from the Earth Law Center, an advocacy group fighting to give the earth a voice in the court of law. (In the last year alone, the Earth Law Center passed 11 initiatives on behalf of our rivers, trees, and oceans!)

Join Darlene and Nikki as they chat about the future of our planet and the changes we may (fingers and toes crossed) see in our lifetime. Darlene gives us the rundown on the current state of environmental law, helps us contemplate the language we use around nature, and leaves us with her top tips to be more eco-friendly.

Climate change is always a tough issue that can at times leave us feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned. But fortunately, in this episode, Darlene and the Earth Law Center have us feeling inspired, hopeful, and ready to do more for our universal home.

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