Madly Forever: Michaela Boehm

11.02.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

Let’s talk about intimacy. This week on Madly, Forever Michaela Boehm brings her unique brand of “emotional sexual hygiene” to the show. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or new to dating, Michaela is here to school us on the lost art of mastering the spark.

Michaela is a psychologist, celebrity couples counselor, tantric healer, and the author of the recently launched The Wild Woman’s Way, a book that is helping modern women switch to and from the career-based “go mode” and the relationship and creativity-based “flow” state. Often, as women, these two forces are seen as opposing goals, but the trick according to Michaela is simple embodiment practices that re-connect us to our innate feminine. (Oh, and some low-key deconditioning of relationship patterns left over from generations past, of course.)

For example, fighting and then making up can be super hot for your sex life, as can living in separate quarters, and even toning down the PDA. And what about sex after kids? Michaela explains we must embrace the post-child change in dynamic as an opportunity to deepen intimacy through selflessness and generosity.

All in all, if you’ve ever felt disconnected from your womanly ways, prepare to deepen your own understanding of your body, sensuality, and the ever-unfolding dance that is a romantic relationship.

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