Madly Forever: Amber and Kerisa Denison

11.16.2018 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Twin sisters, Amber and Kerisa Denison have been manifesting their best lives without even really trying. The model/actress/dancer duo grew up running through the forests of BC, Canada on an organic vegetable farm where they were raised by conscious parents that were all for art and play and zero for Internet and cable. It was their unconventional childhood that ultimately allowed them to cultivate their creativity by singing, dancing, making art, and playing dress-up.

A little twin power to help you manifest your deepest yearnings also doesn’t go astray.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have a twin? Us too. Can they read each other’s thoughts? Feel each other’s feelings? Finish each other’s sentences? As a kid, it seemed like twins had magical powers and it turns out (at least with the Denisons) that yep, they kinda do.

In this week’s episode of Madly, Forever, Jessie unpacks the impact of the twin brain and positive parental conditioning on manifestation. Because, unlike a lot of us, Amber and Kerisa’s upbringing means they had a lot less to unlearn. In fact, growing up with the belief that our dreams can become realities and that our life is our art, they are living proof that it’s really only our imaginations holding us back.

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