My fascination with liver health was stirred when I read Medical Medium and Thyroid Healing by Anthony Williams. It prompted me to do a 30-day celery juice experiment that radically upgraded my health. In fact, I continue to drink celery juice first thing every morning, and have recently added enemas into the mix to detoxify my liver and support my thyroid, immune health, and overall longevity.

But why enemas?

At first, I was scared to stick a tube up my butt. Let’s be frank — it can feel awkward. But it has quickly become a self-love ritual I have come to look forward to every week. I have learned to love and appreciate every inch of my body… including my butt and gut!

The feeling of lightness and clairvoyance I feel after each enema has been remarkable — all the brain fog and joint inflammation I experience completely vanishes!

My story is not unique. Thousands of people have experienced similar results and even more miraculous results — the curing of cancer, reversal of autoimmune disease, and so many more ailments that western medicine would send them straight to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or to heavy doses of antibiotics for.

As a wellness leader and thyroid health expert, I feel it is my responsibility to know and try the holistic practices available to us that may not be commonly known or mainstream.

In my quest for evolving my own knowledge and using myself as a guinea pig, I completed a 14-day chakra healing cleanse to prepare my body and mind, and embarked on a 7-day liver and gallbladder flush and cleanse at an eco-community down the street from my home in Nosara, Costa Rica.

My intention for this journey was to understand why I was still having recurring episodes of morning brain fog while I am super healthy and active. (I drink plenty of matcha, eat an abundance of local organic fruits and vegetables, am soy-free, corn-free, grain-free, alcohol-free, substance-free, etc.) Plus, I wanted to understand what the discomfort in the left side of my abdomen was coming from and why I would burp air through my lungs constantly through every yoga class.

Once a week, I’ve been enjoying a daily pipa (coconut water) cleanse paired with a morning coffee enema thanks to a beautiful easy at-home enema kit made by Foret Cleanse. I was so surprised with how simple and clean the process can be.

Combined with the naturally active lifestyle I live here I have cleared my body from years of damage that had accumulated from a high-stress city lifestyle, vaccines, antibiotics, prescription medication, oral contraceptives, processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, and animal proteins contaminated with growth hormones. For years, life was passing me by.

For this ritual I massage my entire body with Radiance Body Oil (created with organic essential oils to prevent inflammation and support hormones), and light sage, incense, and palo santo as I state my intentions for releasing brain fog, fatigue, and tapping into my inner medicine woman. It has become a holy practice as I hear angelic guidance and clear intuitive messages during my enemas.

Through these serene moments my soul guided me to go even deeper for a week-long mind, body, and soul cleanse.

The process:

Daily enemas infused with spirulina, garlic, coffee, aloe vera, and probiotics.

Juice and smoothies with all local, fresh ingredients and superfoods including noni, turmeric, moringa, chaga, reishi, and chlorella.

Morning yoga and pilates classes to stimulate movement and release stuck energy.

One-day liver flush by consuming Epsom salt in water and drinking a big cup of olive oil and fresh pressed grapefruit juice.

The results:

A deep richness in my skin tone, more lustrous hair, an overall feeling of illuminated shine and glow, and an aura that can be spotted a mile away.

A deeper understanding about what was going on in my body, loving my body for her resilience, and receiving more clarity on my soul’s purpose on this planet.


Throughout the week I was surprisingly not hungry at all! In fact, I felt very nourished and content. In my liver flush, I passed gallstones — lots of little tiny ones, through bowel movement. It wasn’t painful, and actually felt quite satisfying to feel trapped energy get released, freeing my digestive organs to work more efficiently.

Consistent enemas combined with a liver flush will keep your body working like a well-oiled, clear, strong machine. Our planet is going through a major shift and needs us to feel liberated and beautifully vibrant so we can all be warriors in this new age.

Your body is crying out to heal. It is time to tune in.

Fern Olivia is the creator of Thyroid Yoga®, host of Sensual Intelligence, course instructor for MindBodyGreen, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the spiritual platform, Luminosity. Connect with her on Instagram at @fernolivia.

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