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10.18.2018 Arts & Culture
Angela Hodgkinson
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Blakely Hiner-Riley and Angela Hodgkinson created natural apothecary and sundries shop, Solare with one goal in mind: to offer women a less-is-more approach to natural beauty and wellness. Pioneers of the growing wellness movement in Oklahoma City, the women (who owned their own neighboring shops) joined forces in October 2017 and started stocking earth and body-friendly beauty, apparel, and home goods meant to support an intentional and fuss-free lifestyle. Georgia O’Keeffe’s self-made desert life became the shop’s inspiration and compass — their unofficial motto being: “If Georgia would use it or wear it, we’ll stock it.”

At Solare, self-care isn’t limited to bath salts and lotion but rather the focus on a holistic approach meant to encompass your entire lifestyle — from body oils and self-care tools to Northern California harvested loose-leaf teas and Solare’s own in-house made natural wax candles.

“Everything we carry is made by women who are mothers, activists, sisters, or artists first — and makers second,” explains the two friends. “Supporting women is not only important as a women-owned small business in this political climate, but also crucial to the longevity of well-made goods available at sustainable pricing.”

The ladies shared with The Fullest a day-in-the-life in OKC, self-care at every turn…

Morning rituals —

We both believe in simple, effective self-care techniques that are easy to work into your day. Blakely starts the morning a little more slowly with a pour-over coffee in her favorite Julia Cloutier mug, while Angela prefers a kettle-steeped tea as she helps her two young sons get ready for school. We both do a quick tongue scraping before brushing and use Everyday Oil on our faces every single morning (without fail)! If time allots, Blakely will add in a quick dry-brushing before her shower while Angela works in a 2-minute gua sha treatment to liven up her face (as her 4-year old brushes his teeth). A spritz of mineral deodorant, and everyone’s out the door!

A quick respite —

After dropping the dog and kids off at their respective schools, we might schedule in the rare — but glorious — reiki-tinged massage from Adria at our local Scandinavian steam and sauna spa, udånder. (Every city has their own Scandinavian spa, right?)

Then we meet up at grab-and-go clean eats spot, Nourished Food Bar, for a pre-workday bite. The menu is seasonal and relies on what’s available from local farmers, of which there are plenty in our wide-open and rural state. The small, biodynamic farming scene in the surrounding OKC metro is also growing and getting pretty interesting lately (more on that at dinner).

Work/shop —

Between placing orders, paying bills, and making candles, we try to balance time spent on the computer (or updating our IG feed!) with some fresh air or a walk around the district. Sometimes, we’ll even sneak around the corner to our favorite non-toxic nail salon, Well Beauty for a nice mani and herbal foot soak.

Time for a nightcap —

Nothing helps us unwind and end the day on a positive note like cocktail hour at downtown’s Arbolada. We feel at home with the California-inspired décor, including wall hangings by DTLA’s Block Shop Textiles (which you can find at Solare, of course).

On really good days, we like to celebrate with a brilliant, highly-intentional, and 100% locally derived meal at nonesuch. That is, if we can get in — Bon Appétit just named it the #1 new restaurant in the country! The hanging dried flora and locally made ceramic dishware inspire our eyes as much as the food does our mouths and minds.

Getting out —

We love to take day trips down to the Wichita Mountains, about 1½ hours outside the city. Home to a large herd of bison and wide open skies, it’s a peaceful, natural breather from our daily lives. (We actually shoot most of our look books for the shop amongst its lichen-covered rocky hills!)

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