Bonnie Wright

10.09.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

All your Harry Potter dreams just came true in the form of a podcast. That’s right kids, we’re sitting down with Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright (or Ginny Weasley — depending on which excites you more).

Bonnie is much more than the wizard who stole Harry’s heart, she’s also a writer, director, and environmental activist. So, how exactly, does Bonnie make all this magic happen? Turns out her secret potion is a little metaphysical, a lot of heart, and a good dose of self-discipline.

Expect this episode to cover everything from the universe casting Bonnie as Ginny, to Vedic meditation, creating your own production company and/or business, and the generative power of donating time and money to causes you care about.

Just like Ginny, Bonnie Wright is a powerful, independent woman who often speaks her mind. She’s also an absolute beacon of compassion and joy. Harry really did choose a good one…

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