Alexis Smart

10.23.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we’re talking FLOWER POWER with Alexis Smart, who has become a pioneer in all things flower remedies. Flower remedy therapy can be used for deep healing when you are a bit out-of-balance or need a boost in building intuition, breaking addictions, or manifesting goals.

In fact, it was Alexis’ personal journey that led her to the modality. After starting her career as an actress and model, she soon began to suffer panic attacks and anxiety. Searching for a cure, and not one for pill popping, Alexis auspiciously found herself in her local flower remedy apothecary. After just one consultation, she felt so transformed that she enrolled herself in flower school (not official course name) and is now a leading practitioner in the healing art form.

Flower remedy treatments are tailored to the events, emotions, and psychological stresses and conditions a person is experiencing rather than the purely physical. Listen in as she explains to Nikki its many benefits (and also shares a Donald Trump remedy). Now that’s our kind of flower power!

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