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10.26.2018 Arts & Culture
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After launching a successful skincare clinic in San Francisco, Athena Hewett grew frustrated with the abundance of harsh, stripping products used on her clients and set out to find her own more gentle, natural solution to harnessing skin’s optimal health. The result of her search became Monastery, a range of skincare products made from whole, natural ingredients sourced from around the globe — including her grandmother’s homeland of Greece! Cleansing oils, concentrated repair balms, body oils, and more, the brand has quickly become a favorite in the natural beauty world… and of course, one of our own personal go-to’s.

We caught up with the esthetician to ask her to share the seven things most enhancing her life at the moment. This is what she said…

1 | The perfect pair of vintage jeans —

I love all clothes, especially sustainable boutique brands, but nothing is quite like finding the perfect fitting vintage item. And finding good quality and well-fitting jeans is probably the pinnacle for me — I love the hunt! I check eBay regularly for certain vintage brands and swing by my favorite vintage stores in San Francisco like no., St. Lightning, and Vacation. My favorite compliment is “Those jeans are amazing.”

2 | National Parks —

I have this nerdy love for national parks. I’d love to check all of them off the list at some point. My husband and I have even been looking at Volkswagen Westfalia’s. We hope to buy one and take our son traveling around the country to visit as many national parks as we can. We just went to Joshua Park and can’t wait to go back and camp under the stars!

3 | My son, Grey Wolfe —

The apple of my eye. He is a year-and-a-half now and makes us laugh constantly. When we travel we bring small and entertaining but educational toys so that we can try to avoid a total meltdown. We are terrified of having that kid on a plane.  

4 | Connecting with powerful women —

I know so many badass boss babes and I love talking biz with them. It’s so helpful to be able to commiserate with someone about the struggles of being a mom and an entrepreneur. There is a great SF-based company called In Good Company that holds conferences for creative entrepreneur moms. How perfect is that?

5 | Mara Hoffman —

She’s my favorite clothing designer right now. I love everything she makes and I want it all but my husband would kill me. She’ll be speaking at the next In Good Company conference and I am really interested in hearing her speak. I think she’s a genius!

6 | Making a wall with trees —

There has been some construction going on behind my skincare/apothecary studio and I’m getting tired of looking at it so I’ve been researching making a wall with trees. I’m thinking a cypress wall will be nice. We have this amazing place in San Francisco called Flora Grubb. It’s the dreamiest nursery and I think it may be why I always have some sort of green project going on.

7 | Exploring potential trails for a Radio Flyer —

My son likes to be pulled in a wagon rather than pushed in a stroller. We probably shouldn’t have ever given him the choice, but now we like how it forces us to go looking for new trails to pull him on. We love Golden Gate Park so much right now. It’s relatively flat and has something new hiding around every corner. We stumbled upon the buffalo last week. My son and dog were going nuts!

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