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10.10.2018 Career & Finance
Madeline Plucinska
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Money. We love it, hate it, worry over it, loathe it, crave it, hoard it, and delight in it. However, although we use it every day, money is still a taboo topic of conversation. We’ve been taught that it’s impolite and inappropriate to talk about money. And when we do, we hear cliches like, “Money can’t buy happiness,” “There’s never enough money,” or (my personal favorite), “You can’t make money doing what you love.” We’ve been conditioned to believe that money is filthy, dirty, and evil. We feel ashamed if we don’t have enough money and even more ashamed if we want it. Yet, we’re expected to know how to make money… and lots of it if we want to live in places like New York and California!

Jen Sincero’s new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, challenges the stigma around wealth by sharing the money tactics that propelled her from rags to riches. She says that prior to mastering the mindset of wealth, we must first overcome the biggest hurdle: allowance. Good ideas and hard work are not enough. She urges us to use our unique desires and gifts we’ve been given to allow ourselves permission to become rich.

The term “rich” however, does not necessarily require millions of dollars. Sincero says being rich simply means being “able to afford all the things and experiences required to fully experience your most authentic life.” Although the amount of money needed will vary from person to person, it’s realistic to realize that most things cost money — yes, even that which is related to our growth, happiness, and self-expression. Therefore, Sincero encourages us to channel our inner badass, face our fears, and get really uncomfortable… over and over and over again.

Here are Sincero’s five principles to truly get “rich” once and for all:

1 | Change your mindset. Money is friend not foe.

Money is neither positive nor negative. It’s neutral. However, money receives its value and meaning from you. Your mindset (beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions) around money shapes your financial reality. Remember though, that like attracts like, so if you want to attract more financial abundance into your life, trade your limiting money beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for more positive ones.  

Become aware of your thoughts, words, and actions, and investigate the origin of your limiting money beliefs. Once identified, Sincero encourages you to rewrite your old money beliefs into new money truths and affirm your favorite ones every day. For instance, “Money can’t buy happiness” may transform into “Money supports my happiness.” She also suggests getting comfortable saying “I love money” every day without any judgment and then relishing in the feeling.

Finally, practice gratitude. Be grateful for all the wonderful things money brings you. And anytime money flows into your life, repeat this mantra: “See, money loves me! It just can’t stay away!” What you appreciate appreciates.

2 | Find and pursue your inner purpose. There are clues all around.

Wanting to get rich is not enough. Get specific on your why — your inner purpose. Why do you want to get rich? How will getting rich change who you are in this world? As Sincero says, “Allow yourself to be pulled by your heart instead of pushing your way through a thick fog of shoulds.” The more you follow what you are meant to do, the more opportunities will come your way.

If you don’t know what your inner purpose is, that’s okay. Rather than focusing on how you don’t know, talk about how excited you are to uncover it. Look for clues in your life by paying attention to the things you lose yourself in and the things that come naturally. You’re meant to do them. Take decisive action on the things you’re sure of because they will lead to more answers.

And lastly, meditate. Even if it’s for only five minutes a day, meditation will help you connect with your Higher Self, which Sincero believes is essential in finding before making it rich.

3 | Take financial risks and invest in yourself.

“Let fear be your compass,” says Sincero. Create a plan of action and act immediately! No matter how scary it might be to invest in a money coach, rent an office space, or purchase a new website, do it. It will bring you one step closer to financial success. And remember… money is never wasted when you invest in yourself! You might not see the return on your investment right away, but you will down the road.

4 | Surround yourself with high-frequency, wealth-conscious people. They are looking for you too!

Be conscious of the people you surround yourself with. Don’t be afraid to let some people go, while keeping others at a distance. Sincero suggests only sharing your dreams with confident, wealth-positive people who cheer you on. Coming together with kick-ass, wealth-conscious individuals will boost your energy, strengthen your faith, and up your game.

If you don’t know anyone like this, go out and find some. Go to coaching seminars, start a self-help book club, reach out to people on social media. If you’re determined, you will find your tribe.

5 | Be unyieldingly relentless. Believe in your inner badass.

When the going gets tough, be tenacious. “Nobody achieves great success without walking through the fire,” Sincero says. Push beyond your comfort zone and risk being unpopular. Yes it’s terrifying, but trust you’re meant to realize your dreams. Continue to focus on your why, so that you’ll have the strength and enthusiasm to overcome any obstacle standing in the way of your financial success. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

And, most importantly, believe. Believe you deserve it. Believe you are worthy. Believe you are capable of transforming your dreams into reality. As Sincero says, “You are meant to blossom into the fullest expression of your unique and fantabulous badassery. You are meant to be rich.”

As a manifestation and business coach, yoga teacher, soundbath practitioner, writer and creative consultant, Madeline Plucinska empowers us to reclaim sovereignty in every facet of our lives – career, money, love, family and vitality. By re-patterning the subconscious mind and embodying sacred prosperity teachings, she believes that we can manifest the constellation of our desires with unbreakable confidence. Her forever obsessions are salty skin after a dip in the ocean, the velvety texture of Italian gelato on her lips and leaving fragments of her heart around the world. Connect with her @madeline.plucinska.

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