Cancer, Casually: Sara Weinreb

10.18.2018 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

As the name of our podcast suggests, Sara Weinreb has cancer — a rare form that not many people know about called Mycosis Fungoides. (Try saying that one out loud! CC host Lindsay had a hard time!)

In March of 2017 Sara was diagnosed with this slow growth lymphoma, and, like many of our guests, took it as an opportunity to change things up for the better. (There’s nothing like a cancer diagnosis to take one of those dreams swirling around in the “one day” universe and plant them firmly in the present!) She promptly quit her retail job and began The M List, a daily newsletter that features hacks, recipes, products, and natural remedies to help her readers live more mindful, healthy, sustainable, and stress-free lives (kinda like The Skimm but for holistic-ish news).

A freelance writer and brand strategist, Sara has a natural way of finding the right words to express those matters that seem impossible to express — kinda like when you realize you have a rare form of lymphoma! A truly cool lady that’s whip-smart and totally down to talk the big C, we have a hunch you’re gonna love this week’s ep.

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