Bubble is the Online Erewhon That’s Blowing Up Clean Eating

10.16.2018 Arts & Culture
Francine Weiss
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“Wellness” seems to be a movement that’s here to stay. Every day there is a new fad diet or hot product that is absolutely essential to consumers’ overall health and wellbeing. As much as trends impact our daily lives in all areas, we rarely take a moment to step back and think about if a trend actually works, what it means for us personally, and how we can apply it to make ourselves feel better — both mentally and physically. Everyone is different, and figuring out what wellness means for you specifically was the idea behind Jessica Young’s new company Bubble, an online marketplace disrupting clean eating.

“Bubble came from a need in the health food space,” says Young. “I didn’t exactly wake up and have a eureka moment, as some entrepreneurs do. After talking to vendors in the health food space, I knew I had a business. Bubble is a marketplace for clean label foods where vendors can list products and ship straight to customers.”

The budding entrepreneur likens Bubble to some of the most popular destinations for trend and wellness-minded individuals, but notes that it is available to customers nationwide. “Think Farfetch meets Erewhon… but available to everyone in the USA,” she explains.    

A commitment to personal health and clean eating is at the center of Bubble’s ethos, and is a strong reason why people are so drawn to the platform. The brand makes a point to only offer clean label products and abide by a strict criteria that they publish on their website proudly for all new and returning customers to refer.

Young comes from the belief that nutrition should be able to be modified to any particular lifestyle and body chemistry. “Personal health is very much a part of the bigger picture. It’s about the world we want to see,” she notes. “If you can be knowledgeable and conscious of your own health, you are much more likely to have an impact and see that in others. As a society, we can move towards a more clean and healthy way of eating together — and in a positive light. It shouldn’t be about extremes or about what is right and wrong… just what is pure and balanced.”

When it comes to figuring out what is right for you on a day-to-day basis, Young emphasizes a person’s personal journey — one that can take some trial and error before it’s done completely right. “We all have different bodies and things that work and do not work for us. Balance is important, and I recommend testing yourself to see if anything is really effing things up,” she says matter-of-factly.

Young’s daily routine reflects what is important to her in both her life and her business: “Being a leader to me means paving the way. I recognize that I need to set the tone and create the structure needed for Bubble to really blow up. Bringing the best talent into the company, getting the best health food brands onto the platform, getting customers engaged… I am constantly putting myself in check so that I can be my best personal self — therefore offering my best professional self.”

The entrepreneur also emphasizes the importance of being mindful in her lifestyle and in the journey to achieve that elusive work-life balance. “I have been known to be intense with my work schedule: not leaving the office, not eating, not going on dates, not answering messages from friends and family for days at a time. I realized about a year or two ago that I need to consciously force myself to have a healthy work-life balance in order to see any mission through. I mean, I am in the wellness business after all,” she laughs.

It’s clear within minutes of talking to Young that she is extremely knowledgeable about her field, and about the ways that wellness and clean eating affect not just ourselves, but our work, the people around us, and our lifestyles as a whole.

“We named our company Bubble as an allusion to the protected food space we are out to create,” she explains. “A world where ‘healthy food’ is really healthy food.”

All the products Bubble carries are transparent with their ingredients, everything is shipped straight from the brands and makers to customers, and they offer the newest products seen in the health food space. “Clear, transparent, protected, and always blowing up… that’s Bubble,” Young says with a confident (almost bubbly) smile.

Francine Weiss is a NYC-based freelance writer focusing on culture and lifestyle topics. She also works as a corporate publicist, following several years in the fashion industry. A native of Manhattan, Francine enjoys reading, trying new restaurants, modern art, and unicorns.

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