Lassi is a traditional yogurt drink from the southern region of Asia that usually consists of yogurt, water, spices, and (sometimes) fruit. I’ve made a plant-based version here using just a few simple organic ingredients: persimmons, coconut yogurt, tocotrienols, and ice. It’s the perfect morning smoothie to wake up to or sip as we transition into fall.


3 Persimmons, ripe

1 cup Coconut Yogurt

3 tablespoons Tocotrienols

1 handful of Ice Cubes


1 | Pour all the ingredients into a high speed blender, starting with the ice and followed by the coconut yogurt, tocotrienols, and persimmons (in that order).

2 | Blend.

3 | Pour, serve, and enjoy!

*Makes two servings.

Nikki Bostwick went to plant-based culinary school before starting The Fullest. Persimmon is her morning coffee (if you know, then you know) amongst other daily rituals like dog walks, pilates, and scrolling through Instagram.

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