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09.25.2018 Arts & Culture
Gemma Totten
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Jeff Wilson has a vision for the housing future and you are going to want in.

The founder of Kasita began our chat by telling me the story of Diogenes, the 4th Century BC Greek philosopher. Diogenes rid himself of all his personal possessions and lived inside a simple barrel. When people asked where he lived, he responded directly, “I am a citizen of the world.”

“Millennials embody the spirit of this old greek philosopher,” Wilson passionately explains, describing how this generation’s lives are increasingly global and minimalistic.

Kasita, his line of “smart” tiny homes aims to bring a solution to an old-school approach to home buying and living — with the Millennial audience in mind.

It’s a home, but also a lifestyle. A quick visit to the company’s website shows its potential customers stunning images of a modern tiny home. The design could be utilized as a home, stand-alone office, or any other creative idea a consumer could envision. 

“Millennials and Gen Z want a platform that will allow them to be citizens of the world,” continues Wilson. “This is really what we are building out with Kasita; we are not building just a house, we’re building a new way of living. And that new way of living aligns very closely with the way these younger generations want to live.”

Equipped with smart-home technology, the ultimate goal of Kasita is to allow its owners to seamlessly move from one Kasita to another without any hassles.

“Imagine a world where you’re living in one city in your Kasita, and you get a six-month assignment in Laguna Beach,” Wilson ponders. “You could essentially bring up a map, see Kasitas in Laguna, and choose one. And then, because you are on the platform/subscription service, say you want to move in two days, simply swipe right for the company to move you.”

Basically, a Kasita takes the concept of Airbnb to the next level.

Wilson likes to call Kasita the iPhone of housing: “It’s one gadget, an integrated piece of hardware, and a software that is a part of a bigger platform,” he says. “We want your life to move seamlessly inside and outside the Kasita. The idea [is to] live where you want, for as long as you want.”

That being said, the immersive experience you have when you step into a Kasita is not like stepping into any other home.

Because of the lessons Millennials and Gen-Z learned growing up during the 2008 housing market crash, Wilson believes this generation will not invest in real estate the same way. “Instead,” he says, “they will find other models to invest in real estate that is not just limited to the piece of dirt they are sitting on.”

Kasitas team of “experts in space” re-conceptualize space through design and architecture. “We thought about every cubic inch,” says Wilson, a critical approach when designing a small area. A Kasita includes high ceilings, clean surfaces, and tons of natural light — all of the elements that make spaces feel larger than they actually are. (Kasitas are only 352 sq. ft!) Everything is designed for max utilization — which sounds like a smart (floor) plan to us!

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