Kathryn Budig

09.11.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we catch up with Kathryn Budig, an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author known for her accessibility, humor, and ability to empower her students through her “aim true” message. And in this week’s episode, she definitely stays on brand…

All too often, yogis and wellness gurus are propped up as beacons of perfection, balance, and impeccable crow poses keeping them just out of reach to the rest of us. This idol mentality often makes it difficult for wellness leaders to open up about some of the more ‘real’ things going on in their lives. If they admit their struggles with food, ego, or relationships, they risk being called out as a fraud or charlatan.

So that’s exactly why Kathryn’s authenticity is so noteworthy. Kathryn candidly opens up about all things yoga, body image, sexuality, divorce, resistance, and privilege. Yes, she provides us with powerful yogic tools and perspectives to navigate our journey but even more impactful is her honesty. Kathryn’s willingness to share the lessons she’s learned beyond the yoga mat reminds us that perfection is an illusion. In the end, life is about walking our own path with as much truth, grace, and laughter as we can muster. And to that, we bow.

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