Jenna Zoe

09.25.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

PODCAST DISCLAIMER: Human Design may cause addiction. If you haven’t yet heard of Human Design and/or have never had your chart done, then clear your iCals because it’s about to become your latest obsession. Jenna Zoe is blowing up the esoteric and wellness worlds with her unique approach to the system.

But what is actually Human Design (apart from it being totally life-changing?) According to Jenna herself “Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience, and what karma you came to correct.”

Jenna uses her innate gift for channeling self-discovery or self-rediscovery through this new system. Her approach is kind of similar to a natal chart — except totally different. Jenna and Human Design move beyond a straight chart reading to help you de-condition learned behaviors and get you back on track to your soul’s true path.

According to Jenna there are five different types in Human Design: Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors, and then we also each have our own unique blueprint comprised of channels, centers, and energy lines. Listen this week as Jenna helps us understand our various types and the infinite ways Human Design can help us live our Fullest lives.

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