09.05.2018 Culture

Christy Dawn is Committed to Sustainability

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At The Fullest we’re all about sustainable fashion. We’ve written about it time and time again and each piece in our SHOP is ethically made and curated to withstand the test of time. To do our part in minimizing our environmental footprint we love to support like-minded brands — one of our faves being Christy Dawn.

Each piece in a Christy Dawn collection is made by local artisans in Downtown LA, with longevity in mind. A Christy Dawn dress is the dress you’ll pass on to future generations. Classic, vintage-inspired clothing, it’s created to love forever… which is good for you, and even better for Mother Earth.

Watch the video below to get inspired and learn more about Christy Dawn’s commitment to sustainability, repurposing fabric, and the loving relationship the brand has with the people actually making its clothes.

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