Katerina Schneider

08.28.2018 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

This week Nikki sits down with Katerina Schneider, SHE-E-O of smart vitamin company, Ritual. When Katerina was four-months pregnant she went into detox mode and cleansed her apartment of anything that wasn’t traceable. It was this pre-pregnancy spring clean that led her to realize that basically all the multi-vitamins on the market were full of highly questionable ingredients.

So what does an empowered mom-to-be do with this information in 2018? Start her own company, of course.

Ritual is a transparent (literally) vitamin line for women. Each ingredient in its Essential for Women clear capsules has an essential reason for being there (and you can even trace its individual origins to make sure you’re getting only the best of the best ingredients). Ritual is the hot women’s vitamin in today’s health conscious world, and has been featured in every mag from Forbes to Vogue.

This week Nikki and Katerina answer all our burning questions from marketing to raising capital to, of course, vitamins.

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