Health First: Ritual Fills the Void in the Wellness Conversation

08.20.2018 Life
Lindsay DeLong
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In Los Angeles, a place where Erewhon is the grocery store of choice, celery juice is the preferred cocktail at brunch, and cryotherapy chambers are on every corner, it’s safe to say that wellness rules the roost. However, what do all these wellness extras really mean when your body doesn’t have a strong foundation for health in the first place? The core has to be healthy before you get too fancy.

Take collagen for example… we all know that collagen helps make the skin plumper and more luminescent, but did you know it only works after new cells have been made? Without proper amounts of Folate, Omega-3s, and Vitamin E, your body is going to have a hard time creating healthy new cells.

In other words, nutrients need each other to work together and be effective so you can see and feel their benefits. Without each other, they can be a total waste.

Ritual, a health company that’s focused on reinventing the products women use every day is aiming to bring back the health conversation to its home base. Ritual’s team of in-house scientists dug deep into women’s health and found that 90% of women weren’t getting the daily basic nutrients they needed from their diets alone. The nine nutrients they were most often lacking were: Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 MK-7, Vitamin E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Boron, Iron, and Magnesium.

Ritual took it upon themselves to fill this health gap in the ever-expanding wellness industry.

Instead of relying on the legacy supplement formulations that have been passed on for generations, Ritual reimagined what the modern vitamin should look like and found that by encapsulating these nine essential nutrients women’s dietary gaps would be filled, ultimately laying the foundation for optimal health.

There would be no more mixing and matching of vitamins and supplements at the health food store, hoping and wishing for the vitamin gods to align, granting us with that magic blend of nutrients.

Essential for Women is the final product. An all-in-one daily vitamin engineered specifically for women that is health-vital for allfrom bone health to blood-building to helping your body maintain tissue structure, fight free radicals, and age well from within. The ingredients are sourced from around the globe to ensure it’s made with only the highest quality nutrient forms, and then dosages are matched to the latest government-funded studies and data.

Addressing the underlying nutritional gaps to create optimal health at its core is Ritual’s main mission. There is no magic cure in juices, powders, potions, or cleanses. 

It is Ritual’s utmost belief that the body’s foundation needs to be healthy before all the frills can be added. Without this, all the extras become a waste of time and energy.

Founder and CEO, Katerina Schneider explains, “Without the essential nutrients provided in Essential for Women, it would be like putting fancy seats or a fresh set of paint on a car with no engine.”

Ritual is pushing the health conversation past the gimmicks and tricks and focusing on setting women up for long-term health with life-vital nutrients. Only then will that celery juice at brunch really do the trick.

Essential for Women is available exclusively on Ritual’s website. They have a 100% money-back guarantee — so if you don’t like it, it’s on them.

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