Cancer, Casually: Kara Ladd

08.09.2018 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

When you’re diagnosed with cancer there are certain people you want on your support team. Along with oncologists, reiki healers, your parents and therapists, Kara Ladd should definitely be on that list. Not only is she a cancer survivor (synovial sarcoma), she’s also the founder of lifestyle brand, Boundless, and an ethical freelance writer who has worked with the New York Observer, Harper’s Bazaar, and Women’s Health.

Kara is the kind of person that is able to translate the nonsensical experience that is cancer into a set of words that everyone can relate to and learn from, regardless if they’re a survivor or not. Perhaps it’s her successful writing career or her down-to-earth nature that makes her voice so universal.

In this episode of Cancer, Casually, Kara shares some of her lessons and survival techniques, including not ever Googling your cancer, renaming your chemo bag your “toxic boyfriend,” and finding a safe word that feels less scary than the c-bomb (in her case “cantaloupe”).

She’s credits cancer for setting her on a spiritual path (crystal addiction included), cleaning up her beauty bag and diet, quitting her burnout job, and trusting her gut. If we could clone Kara and give her to every millennial woman going through cancer, we would, but unfortunately the science just isn’t there yet. Instead, we give you this episode that truly talks Cancer, Casually and ends on a very positive note with a beautiful FUCK YOU to Cancer Party. (Which we all know we need.)

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