I’ve always liked the idea of a burrito. But every burrito I try is loaded with rice and beans, making the whole thing way too much of a carb bomb and leaving me overly full and weighed down. Why not, I thought, take the idea of a burrito, especially one you’d eat for breakfast, and lighten it up with healthier ingredients?

So, that’s exactly what I’ve done here.

I included purple sweet potatoes for their catchy hue and caramel-flavor, and to keep things healthy I’ve added a dose of sesame-lime flavored kale spiked with adaptogenic reishi mushroom. The dressing in this recipe is similar to one I frequently make at home and toss with kale — just throw in some raisins for extra chew! Roll the kale up with the sweet potato into a wrap, and BAM! you’ve got a filling — but not too heavy — way to kick off your day. No carb bombs allowed!


3 tablespoons Tahini Paste

6 tablespoons Fresh Lime Juice, plus extra lime for garnish

3 tablespoon Water

¾ teaspoon Manuka Honey

1 Large Garlic Clove, minced

½ teaspoon Reishi Mushrooms

Pinch of Salt

1 cup Packed Chopped Kale, washed

4 9-inch Gluten-Free Spinach Wraps, or other wrap of choice, warmed

2 Medium Purple Sweet Potatoes, roasted until soft, peeled


1 | In a large bowl whisk together the tahini paste, lime juice, water, honey, garlic, reishi, and salt until combined.

2 | Add kale and stir until leaves are evenly and thickly coated with dressing.

3 | Place four wraps on the countertop, dividing the kale evenly between the wraps, and arranging the leaves in the center.

4 | Slice the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise. Then slice each half lengthwise again into three even parts.

5 | Divide the sweet potato slices evenly between each wrap, arranging on top of the kale.

6 | Squeeze some lime atop each mound of kale and sweet potato, and carefully and tightly roll the wrap into a burrito shape.

7 | Slice in half and serve.

*Makes four.

Kat Odell is the entrepreneur behind the plant-based food and drink brand, Unicorn Food, as well as a food and travel journalist. She was the inaugural editor of Eater Drinks, and was the editor of Eater LA for five years. She has been published in Vogue, New York Times’ T magazine, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Bon Appetit, amongst others. She has also served as a judge and expert at a variety of food-related events. Kat Odell and Unicorn Food can be found at @kat_odell and @unicornfoods.

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