Alexandra Hall has always been an independent spirit drawn to natural beauty. A native of California, she spent her childhood in San Francisco and Santa Cruz before moving south to San Diego. Prior to opening her own business, she studied fashion design, worked in retail, and started a family — each of these phases informing her future venture.

Alex opened Maven in May 2015 in Normal Heights, the creative burg where she lives, with the intention of exposing the surrounding landscape to inspiring brands and artists from beyond San Diego. In doing so, she has provided a platform for independent designers and makers while elevating San Diego’s retail offerings.

By trusting her instincts, Alex has carefully curated a space that embodies creativity and thoughtful design. She’s often traveling to style incubators like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, and New York to gather inspiration (and product) for the shop.

In September 2015, she launched Maven’s e-commerce site to share her collection of goods with a greater audience and regularly invites artisans, makers, and creatives into her space for events that cultivate Maven’s distinct sense of community.

We recently sat down with the fashionista to ask her to share the seven things she’s most into at the moment. This is what she said:

1 | Multitasking with self care —

Currently I’m trying to prioritize self-care in the midst of planning a destination wedding, while simultaneously being a mom and small business owner. (It almost seems impossible sometimes!) But I have found a few tricks — like using a jade roller when I wake up while I wait for my water to boil for coffee, using a detoxifying sheet mask while I make my kindergartener’s lunch in the evenings, and drinking my favorite Collagen Beauty Greens while I sit at my desk at work.

2 | Destination weddings —

I am beyond obsessed with our wedding venue, Acre. It’s in San Jose del Cabo and is located amidst 25 acres of treehouses you can actually stay in, surrounded by lush organic farms, a beautiful new pool, and an award winning restaurant (the fried green tomatoes are a must). They also just rescued a baby donkey named Burrito since we last visited that I’m pretty excited to meet!

3 | PCOS and diet —

I have struggled with PCOS for a few years now and have chosen not to do the prescription route. I’ve found that taking supplements and cutting most carbohydrates/sugars from my diet helps ease my symptoms so much, but the shift in my diet required a lot of new recipe research. My two go-to’s right now for health conscious/easy meals are Simple Fare: Spring/Summer by Karen Mordecai. It’s given me so many delicious new recipe ideas.

4 | Paloma Wool —

I am low-key obsessed with our newest arrival, Paloma Wool at the shop, a womenswear line from Barcelona. The designs translate so well for Southern California because of the materials she uses — things like shell buttons, linen, and jute. The line is the perfect level of modern contemporary, yet laid-back cool. It’s been so hard not to bring home one of each item since we unpacked it. I’m so honored to carry it in my store.

5 | Arm charms —

I collect tattoos and have over 15 now. My most recent is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake on my outer forearm. While I love a good “I just felt like it” tattoo, for me, mine are almost all heavily drenched in symbolism. The snake reminds me of spending my teenage years on the outskirts of San Diego in a little town full of these snakes, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and owls. We used to actually catch tarantulas climbing into our house in the summer — the ‘burbs are wild, man!

6 | Quality time —

My son recently turned six and a sweet friend gifted us a subscription to Kiwi Crate for his birthday. It’s a monthly box full of age-appropriate science and art projects you and your child can build/make/learn together. He’s super into space right now and we just finished a mini solar system complete with a glowing sun; it was so fun. Each box is a time where my fiancé or myself can spend with him completely unplugged, fully focused, and using our hands — something we really strive for these days.

7 | Girl crushes —

I recently saw Haim with some friends and was so excited to dance my face off. I tend to dance when overwhelmed or stressed — so if you catch me dancing in the shop then you know why! I’ll most likely be pumping Haim on the sound system because who can’t help but jam out to them?

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