6 Steps to Making Spiritual and Financial Bank

07.10.2018 Career & Finance
Leanne Jacobs
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There is a paradigm shift going on in the money-making world. It’s subtle, but it’s gaining quick momentum. Employees are beyond exhausted and couples are trading in their assets for tiny houses. More and more women are requesting stress leaves at work and the boundaries between business and personal time are non-existent. Packing on degrees and fancy titles into our resumes doesn’t seem to carry the same weight as it did a decade ago.

The more we hustle, the less ahead we seem to get. As a society, we have become completely disconnected. It’s time to transform and surrender. We feel it and intuitively know it — but we’re not sure what to do about it. We can take all the yoga classes available and eat pure, raw, and vegan all we want but nothing can replace the power of choice. We must first choose to begin to live a path of deep truth, alignment, and wellbeing. Every day, we are given choices that bring us closer — or further away — from alignment, joy, and harmony.

The conversations around money are becoming louder and an openness to vulnerability is becoming the norm.

This new era of financial leadership is more balanced in feminine, authentic, meaningful, and joyful wealth creation. It’s a paradigm shift — from money chasing to a full blown holistic wealth revolution.

So how does one begin to create holistic wealth of their own? It requires deep commitment and a life lived by complete authenticity and truth. It will require some extreme decision making, as holistic wealth creation is an inside job. It pushes you to fully align your deepest desires and values with your outside world. It’s the path to peaceful prosperity — filled with intention, clarity, and purpose.

Here are six ways to start creating holistic wealth:

1 | Do a cleanse —

Cleansing out the old is the quickest way to make space for holistic wealth. This may include a nutritional or home cleanse, ridding your life of clutter, clothing, furniture, and/or toxic energy and people. If your daily schedule is overspilling with back to back appointments, this is a great place to start.

2 | Create a spiritual space —

Spend more time feeling peaceful and harmonious. When you are in alignment, you get much more done in less time. Start booking yoga, meditation, nature hikes, and relaxation time into your calendar before meetings.

3 | Make a money map —

Leverage space and multiple income streams must be included in your plan. If you have to show up and do everything to make money, you likely aren’t creating holistic wealth… yet.

4 | Sleep wealthy —

Holistic wealth creation ensures that you make money while you sleep. Technology enables us to select an income stream (or two) that facilitates making money 24/7.

5 | Put your health first —

Your health and time are your two greatest assets in life. When you chronically sacrifice these to make a buck or two, you pay a massive price in the long term.

6 | Show your ego the exit —

The most challenging part of the holistic wealth journey is to get a grasp on where your ego trips you up. Think about when you have negotiated your own values or dreams to make a quick buck. You are most beautiful when you are true to your authenticity. When you let your heart speak and your creativity soar, holistic wealth is absolutely on its way.

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