On Point Tips from Hollywood’s Brow Guru, Jimena

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Leila Lajevardi
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The seasons are changing and so is your beauty look! Right? Well, maybe not if you’re anything like me…

My brows have been the same shape since I got them done at the ripe age of 13, years before I met brow guru, Jimena. Once Jimena got her talented little hands on my face, not only did she totally reshape my brows, she made me reconsider why I was ever so afraid to change them in the first place!

Afraid that doing anything differently would put me in the Pamela Anderson circa 1990s eyebrow category, I never strayed far from what I knew. I had no idea what I was doing, how to take care of them, or what to ask for to really get the look I wanted.

I recently sat down with Hollywood’s go-to eyebrow maven to discuss all things brow care, so that next time you’re looking for a change, you’ll have a game plan when you pick up those tweezers.

How do you determine how you are going to shape your clients’ brows?

When I meet a client for the first time, I always ask myself, “What do their brows say about them?” even before they speak. I look at their movement, style, and how their brows fit with their structure. I then ask myself, “Should their brows be their strongest point, or should their brows be something subtle to enhance another feature?” For example, some people have sensational lashes and that’s what should pop, so you create a softer brow. Or, some people have really big hair and a strong brow will balance the situation so that the attention is not just in one area. I also think about style: hair color, hair texture, how you trim the brow, and how should you be brushing them.

Everyone has a different aesthetic. That is what is so beautiful and fun. It’s like a tailor made brow for you — your own golden ratio.

I also think about hair and different skin types when deciding which treatment to use on a client.

Do they work best with waxing, threading, or just tweezing? What creams or scents should be used on a client before, and after, treatment? One million things go through my mind while taking all this into consideration, and then I suddenly see it and it all comes together! This is when I start to work.

How do you change how you shape brows for the summer months, and do you have any tips for us?

Summer is a great time to grow out your brows or concentrate on treating the brow hair. It goes with the season’s sunny, carefree style.

Some of my favorite treatments for hair health and growth are things you can make right at home! Try mixing Castor Oil, Vitamin E, and Sweet Almond Oil into a small jar (or an empty mascara tube) and apply before bed. Also, keep a real aloe leaf in the refrigerator, cut it, brush through the meat of the plant, and use it as brow gel. It’s super cool and totally works!

What should people ask for specifically when getting their brows done?

What style looks best on me? Or, what brow style is best for me with the look I am into right now? What treatment should I be getting considering my skin and hair type? What is my maintenance time? Is it monthly, is it 6 to 8 weeks, two times a year, once a year? Do I need products? If so, what kind of products should I be using?

You have to ask a lot of questions to get the perfect brow… it’s kind of like finding the perfect jean.

It’s always good to get a detailed explanation from your brow specialist, written or drawn so you have something to follow. Whether it’s how to use brow makeup, how to brush your brows, or how to use a brow treatment.

Do you recommend any products for summer?

Brushes by Chanel, highlighters by Kjaer Weis, Boy Brow by Glossier, clear pomade by Surratt Beauty, and wax by Eco Brow.

Does beauty and makeup shift seasonally? If so, how?

I believe that beauty does change seasonally — it’s in our nature. You can look at this in many different ways: through color changes, softer tones for a fresher look, a bolder lip, killer brows, or maybe it’s all about putting gold shimmer on your brows on a summer Saturday night, tinting your brows a bit darker so your hair looks lighter (like Marilyn), or brushing your brows up so they look fluffy and wild. A new season is the perfect opportunity to try something new!

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