Tara Sowlaty

06.18.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

This week Nikki sits down with Tara Sowlaty, her Persian sister from another mister, holistic nutritionist, co-founder of How You Glow, and creator of The Crystal Manifest (which makes a whole lotta sense because Tara’s vibration is very Elestial Quartz). Her mixed bag of wellness tricks from food healing to manifestation to LA’s best poolside hangs reminds all of us that living a radiant life happens from the inside out… and can even include the occasional cocktail. Tara’s ideology is refreshing — one that is more about taking things easy than running yourself ragged on the wellness hamster wheel.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and unaided by western doctors, Tara took matters into her own hands and turned to food for medicine, eventually enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. From there it was a leap from one kismet lilypad to another. She began her own food blog, then met Jessie De Lowe and created How You Glow (side note: this was at a time when wellness was much more granola) and they saw the opportunity to provide a less judgy approach to mind, body, and soul living.

Today Tara also offers crystal consultations, installations, and workshops through her co-founded company The Crystal Manifest — a total avenue for the modern manifestor. So, if you’re after the 411 on dogma and dieting, crystal intention setting, or balancing life as a triple-tandem entrepreneur — this one’s for you.

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