Suze Yalof Schwartz

06.04.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

This week, we sit down with Suze Yalof Schwartz, an incredible woman who left her high-flying styling career to bring mindfulness to the masses. You’ve probably heard of Suze’s drop-in meditation studio, Unplug, or as Suze likes to call it, “the Drybar of meditation.” The mission of Unplug is to make meditation inclusive and accessible to everyone. It’s why they offer a smorgasbord of practices from Vedic to Breathwork and provide most of their classes outside of typical office hours. This modern-day approach to meditation is reflective of Suze’s personal story. Suze didn’t go out seeking spirituality and suddenly land in a Tibetan monastery or fall in love with yoga after her first Vinyasa class, she didn’t even hit rock bottom. Suze just got overwhelmed with modern life until one day her mother told her to slow down… and breathe. That was it, a three-minute breathing exercise that would lead her to create a mid-city sanctuary and introduce meditation to thousands of people. For many, Unplug has become a meditation gateway drug to a deeper personal practice. Suze is humble and visionary; she isn’t interested in becoming a spiritual teacher or the next big wellness influencer. She just wants everyone to experience the simple benefits of meditation, even if it’s just for five minutes. This episode is a true testament that our life’s work isn’t always about following our bliss as much as it is looking for ways our experiences can add value to others. Queue this one up for more inspiration than a crystal sound bath… and some really practical meditation tips.

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