Copper is the third most prevalent mineral in the body. It is an essential trace mineral that promotes healthy metabolic functioning (and even spirituality). Since our body cannot create copper, we should eat copper-rich foods. However, eating copper rich foods may not be enough, which can lead to a copper deficiency. So how can we ingest more of this tricky mineral?

Try drinking out of a copper water bottle or cup!

In many countries around the world, drinking water from a copper vessel is one of the world’s oldest (and easiest!) health practices. Not only does it rehydrate the body, but it also helps our body absorb vital minerals for optimal functioning.

Storing water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. According to Ayurveda, copper water (Tamra jal) balances all three doshas (vata, kapha, and pitta) when consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Here are five healing benefits of copper water:

1 | Improves digestion and weight loss —

Copper water is extremely beneficial for the digestive system. Because copper water is naturally alkaline, it relieves indigestion and constipation, eliminates acidity, reduces gas, heals ulcers, and decreases inflammation. By encouraging peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction of the stomach) copper water improves nutrient absorption and waste elimination, serving as a non-invasive colon cleanse. It also purifies the liver and kidneys of bioaccumulation.

Besides enhancing digestion, copper water may also assist with weight loss. According to a study from the University of California-Berkeley, copper water intensifies fat and eliminates it more effectively, even when we are at rest. Goodbye belly fat!

2 | Strengthens immunity —

Copper is notable for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Recent studies found that storing water in a copper vessel is particularly potent against E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staph. After storing water in a copper vessel for about 16 hours, no trace of bacteria was found.

Copper’s antimicrobial properties are not new to India. Many people in India, especially those with limited access to clean drinking water, have been storing water in copper vessels for centuries to prevent water and food-borne illnesses. Not only does copper ward off invaders, but it also conserves the body’s energy reserves while doing so.

3 | Beats anemia —

Copper is essential for iron absorption. It may help you to overcome periodic anemia that can occur around your moon cycle. Without enough copper, iron can accumulate in the liver, heart, and endocrine system. Iron accumulation can severely disrupt the transport of fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body and can potentially cause organ failure. By increasing copper intake, iron stored in the body becomes easily available for red blood cell formation.

4 | Stimulates the brain —

Copper is characterized as a “brain food” because it facilitates human thinking, particularly creativity. It helps brain cells communicate with one another quickly and efficiently by co-creating (alongside B-vitamins, iron, and iodine) a protective coating known as the myelin sheath around brain cells. Since copper conducts electrical currents and brain cells fire electrical currents to communicate, it can intensify positive thoughts and trigger psychic communication for spiritual development.

5 | Promotes healthy skin and melanin production —

Copper slows down aging and encourages blemish-free skin. It increases the oxygen transport to skin cells along with collagen and melanin production for smooth and supple skin. Since copper is a potent antioxidant, it wards off free radicals associated with the formation of fine lines and acne. This allows healthy, new skin cells to form at the top most layers. Ayurveda experts suggest drinking copper water early in the morning to improve overall skin health.

In addition, copper fights cancer, reduces inflammation and arthritis, maintains cardiovascular health, regulates the thyroid gland, increases energy production, and re-aligns energy centers. Drinking two to three cups daily should satisfy your body’s copper needs.

Consider purchasing an Ayurvedic copper water bottle from Ayur or Copper H2O. Both companies sell Ayurveda-approved copper water bottles made by skilled artisans in India. They are 100% pure copper and beautifully hammered to increase the surface area that touches the water. They even donate a portion of their profits to fund clean water projects throughout India.

As a manifestation and business coach, yoga teacher, soundbath practitioner, writer and creative consultant, Madeline Plucinska empowers us to reclaim sovereignty in every facet of our lives – career, money, love, family and vitality. By re-patterning the subconscious mind and embodying sacred prosperity teachings, she believes that we can manifest the constellation of our desires with unbreakable confidence. Her forever obsessions are salty skin after a dip in the ocean, the velvety texture of Italian gelato on her lips and leaving fragments of her heart around the world. Connect with her @madeline.plucinska.

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