Cancer, Casually: Laura Rubin

06.14.2018 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Welcome to the first ever episode of Cancer, Casually! Hosted by our Managing Editor and breast cancer survivor, Lindsay DeLong, this is a podcast that’s dedicated to those going through or coming out on the other side of cancer. Each week, she, along with her courageous guests, will be helping listeners gain a new perspective on the “C word.”

To kick off our first episode, Lindsay sits down with Laura Rubin, a fellow survivor and founder of notebook company AllSwell. If you’ve never peeped an AllSwell notebook, just trust that their dreamy covers and crisp sheets of paper compel you to pick up a pen and channel your inner Rumi.

Lindsay first met Laura at a writing workshop Laura was hosting for women going through breast cancer and found the experience to be deeply cathartic and soothing. In fact, journaling was a big part of Laura’s personal healing process and she has since been on a mission to help everyone tap into the power of leaving it all on paper.

Join us as Laura and Lindsay bravely share their lessons of life pre, post, and during cancer. It’s an episode guaranteed to help you write away the pain — or simply celebrate the beauty of this human experiment we’re lucky enough to call life.

Join us as we discuss Cancer, Casually.

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