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Jessica Sweeney
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To put a cap on the month of May, salute the class of 2018, and end the calendar school year with a bit of ceremony, we’re dishing spring superlatives here at The Fullest. So grab your yearbook, gel pens, park a seat, and squeeze in tight as we indulge ourselves with a bit of school’s out, see-ya-next-year! Hello, summer nostalgia!

MOST POPULAR goes to: Living Libations Best Skin Ever

Are we surprised? Hardly! This cult classic has been a hit amongst Fullest fans forever and Nadine Artemis, the botanical beauty babe behind the Living Libations line is our proverbial Prom Queen if we had to choose one. Doubling as an all-in-one cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer, this miracle blend of pure plant botanicals is loaded with omegas, antioxidants, and all the bioactive compounds that lets your skin live its best life. I’m particularly partial to the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, but everything in their line is next-level amazing.   

MOST LIKELY TO BECOME PRESIDENT: Podcast guest and friend of The Fullest, Dr. Hans Keirstead

An obvious choice. I mean, have you heard his recent conversation with our EIC, Nikki Bostwick on this episode of Morning Matcha? It’s a much-needed reminder that good politicians still exist. If you want to get schooled in neuroscience, stem cells, entrepreneurship, climate change, gun control, healthcare, and what it takes to run for Congress, tune in here.

BIGGEST FLIRT: Sex Dust by Moon Juice

A Fullest fave for sure. This potent, libido-enhancing tonic is brimming with organic aphrodisiacs like raw cacao, maca, and epimedium (horny goat weed) to get your blood pumping and pheromones flying. Add this magic fairy dust to your lover’s morning matcha — we won’t tell! And don’t be afraid to double (or triple) the dosage.

UNSUNG HERO: Thinx Period-Proof Underwear

If this sentence was written in emojis, we’d insert the “Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration” four thousand times. I tried the organic cotton bikini after picking up a pair at The Fullest Holiday Market and have since ordered five more. Although I was slightly nervous about relying solely on a pair of light and airy, highly absorbent, black cheeky undies for protection, they work — really well. Zero leaks. No mess. Thank you, Thinx!


These melt-in-your-mouth morsels of goodness are the perfect chocolatey superfood. Made with unprocessed stone-ground, organic raw cacao and medicinal herbs, Sacred Chocolate should be a daily staple in your self-care regime. With delicious flavors like Coco Nibby, Holy CaCOW, and health benefits to boost, these tasty treats are our favorite go-to quick pick-me-up.

BEST DRESSED: Chez Tex’s Farro Salad AND this Raw + Sauteed Fennel number from How You Glow

We had to pick two! Hailing from Venice Beach, our award for Best Dressed goes to Chez Tex’s summery farro salad and this beautiful plate of raw + sauteed fennel from Tara Sowlaty at How You Glow. Both fit the bill for days when you need something slightly more substantial than a smoothie. Plus, both are insanely delicious.

MOST PHOTOGENIC: The Fullest Guide To Palm Springs

If you’re going for that clutch Insta-pic, these PSP hot-spots will deliver. Tucked just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles, A-listers have been flocking to the small swanky town of Palm Springs since the 1920’s. With sunshine virtually 365 days a year, zero traffic, and an iconic mixed modern flair you won’t find anywhere else, Palm Springs is the perfect 48-hour desert oasis escape. Here is everything you don’t want to miss including where to stay, what to eat, when to visit (it involves the moon), and which hotel pools you can hang at for free!

MOST LIKELY TO MAKE YOU THINK: Guru Jagat via Morning Matcha

Alternatively titled, “Most Likely To Make You Do Kundalini” this conversation with LA’s most loved yogi is guaranteed to make you think. Her personal brand of laid-back cool, authenticity, and cultural relevance goes against every guru stereotype.


This piece by Danielle Beinstein on moving past self-denial, this one on speaking up in the face of racism and moving forward by Tresa Palmer, and this one on the truth about lying, by yours truly.

What can I say? It was too hard to choose!

Jessica Sweeney is a self-proclaimed literista, wellness aficionado, spirited nutritionist, and certified yoga instructor living her best life in Laguna Beach. Follow her on her website Urban Alchemy, admire her selfies on Instagram, and join her for Love Bomb Bootcamp, a mind, body, soul bootcamp for (self)lovers.

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