Jessie De Lowe

04.23.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

Manifestation maven Jessie De Lowe joins Nikki this week to help bring more than just your Pinterest vision board to life. Jessie is a natural born manifestor and has been creating her Fullest Life since childhood, thanks in large part to her mother’s self-help and spiritual library — aren’t moms the best?!? After realizing her ability to align with her true desires wasn’t as simple for friends and family members, Jessie began to teach the true principles of manifestation and has since created her own consulting business, How You Glow. But be warned: Jessie explains that in order to get what you want — what you realllllly want — you gotta go deeper than skimming through the pages of The Secret or reciting surface-level mantras in the mirror. For most of us, we’re chasing what we think will make us look more desirable to others, rather than tuning in to our own soul’s yearnings. The great news though, is that once we crack our conditioned beliefs, the sky’s the limit. Grab your journal and matcha and settle in for a serious manifestation sesh.

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