How to Do Paris Like Spin Influencer, Steph Nieman

04.18.2018 Arts & Culture
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Steph Nieman is a partner and talent director at Dynamo, an indoor cycling studio in Paris committed to providing riders with fun, innovative classes and a supportive wellness community.

Nieman stumbled upon indoor cycling while working as an actor in New York and discovered how the right atmosphere can elevate exercise to an artistic — and even spiritual — realm. Over the next several years, she committed herself to helping others build similarly supportive and energizing fitness communities. She worked her way up from wiping sweat off of bikes to traveling the world as a fitness consultant, advising businesses in Asia, Europe, and the US.

In 2016, Nieman became a co-founder and joint partner at the Parisian boutique studio, Let’s Ride, which expanded in February to include Dynamo. The merger grew the studio from 2 locations to 4, and 30 employees to 65. As business grows, Steph continues to treat spin as an art form, providing her riders with the rhythm and inspirational environment they need to “rayonner” (“shine” en Anglais).

We caught up with the fitness connoisseur to ask her to share the seven things she’s loving most in Paris right now. This is what she said:

1 | Palais Tokyo

They always have the best cutting edge exhibitions, and many of the shows are interactive and multimedia.

2 | Passager Cafe

If you’re missing America, here you can find a “flat white” or “matcha latte” with non-dairy options. There’s always a nice mix of local Frenchies and expats, and their brunch is to die for.

3 | Richer

This is the best modern French food you can find. It is fine dining at a reasonable price. Richer has a cool vibe with a mix of old and young, a fantastic wine selection, and a seasonal menu that changes each day.

4 | Le Marais

Here is the Paris that you see in movies… beautiful squares, cobblestone streets just for pedestrians, and cafes where you actually sit to take a coffee. It is magical.

5 | Palais Garnier

The oldest opera house in France. The architecture alone is worth seeing. Tickets can be expensive but if you get a yearly pass the price is more reasonable. I still have yet to see a bad show here.

6 | Les Nautes

Spring, summer, or fall come here for a drink at sunset to see Paris evolve into nightlife. Situated along the River Seine, you have the best view and are completely surrounded by locals, artists, and dogs.

7 | Dynamo

Dynamo is the SoulCycle of Paris. Here you can find your community, escape the stress of living in a big city, and also balance the indulgences of french cuisine.

Photo by: Sunny Ringle.

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