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03.28.2018 Arts & Culture
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Jimena Garcia is a brow goddess. Shaping and sculpting the brows of everyone from celebrities to Vogue editors, it’s fair to say that Jimena is the best in the biz. After much time juggling both coasts she now calls Venice home where she works out of Cabin, Violet Gray and WMN Space (although she still pops into her SoHo studio from time to time).

She has been quoted as being “a renowned esthetician who has translated her interest in fine art to women’s and men’s faces, creating the most beautiful portrait possible through the brows. While her aesthetic is, in her words, ‘enhanced natural,’ she considers each individual visually and aesthetically. Jimena is much more than a brow artist — she is a brow expressionist.”

We sat down with Jimena to ask what the seven things are that are most inspiring to her at the moment. This is what she said:


I am researching and studying, specifically, cultural rituals and ancient techniques that were used for beauty. The Ethiopians used their precious soil to make masks. The Greeks had beautiful olive trees and used their oil on their hair. Egyptians made natural dyes and kohl for make-up. I could go on and on… there are so many traditions to learn from. One day I will pass on some magic for brows.


I am having a more conscious exchange with food by picking seasonal foods and learning how to make creative dishes. I am starting to take classes with a dear friend, Lori Stern who is a total artist and an extraordinary chef. Also, I can’t wait to get the new CAP Beauty book that is coming out, High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self Care. I just pre-ordered it!


I am starting to play chess with my fiancé, Robert. We would love to get one of those antique chess tables and have it at the house, put some music on, and mix up a cocktail, old school style. It’s our new thing on Sundays.

4 | ART IN LA —

I recently stumbled upon THE UNDERGROUND MUSEUM, which is a special place where I always feel inspired. I also just found a gallery in Venice called MERCHANT GALLERY. I love the paintings there by Sara Marlowe Hall. Los Angeles is in a renaissance, and art is everywhere — just waiting to be discovered.


My dear friends Kerrilynn Pamer, Rachel Marlowe and I created a book club. It’s enriching to have a place where you can get together with all kinds of extraordinary women to share ideas and opinions. A book and good company is something I look forward to every month — it’s so important to have a community.


Foot and body baths have always been one of my favorite things, as have been putting essential oils in my baths for relaxation. Now, I am taking  things to another level by creating a healing ritual as well. I was recently with Mama Medicine (Deborah Hanekamp), and she gave me a dreamy recipe. It contains white sage tea, amethyst crystals, white rose petals, epsom salt and a couple drops of rose oil. Self-care is a beautiful practice of love.


I have wanted to learn about manifestation for a very long time. I remember reading a quote by Albert Einstein a long time ago and it’s been simmering in my mind ever since. “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” I had the good fortune of meeting Jessie De Lowe with whom I have since been taking manifestation sessions. This awareness has changed my life and I am so grateful to get this guidance.

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