Dr. Julie Von

02.12.2018 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we matcha with Dr. Julie Von, known to her legion of fans as “The Baby Whisperer.” She’s a highly sought after fertility expert who blends eastern medicine and spirituality — and let’s just say the woman is wise beyond her years. Everything that falls out of her mouth is a pearl of baby-making genius. Maybe that explains why (and how) she managed to become the youngest person in the country to get her Traditional Chinese Masters and Clinical Doctorate. Nikki and Dr. Julie chat the dreaded fertility number, 35, and discuss whether or not it’s a barren sentence. (We’ll tell you right here that it’s not — especially if you take care of yourself.) In fact, fertility is influenced by a number of things other than age, including trauma, sexuality and pathology. The two also roll deep on gender fluidity, the mysterious deaths of alternative doctors and the responsibility of women to physically bear children. Oh, and the Handmaid’s Tale because you can’t talk reproductive rights without that… obviously.

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